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Zilliqa Group and ChainUp Join Forces to Advance Web3 Infrastructure

In a significant development within the blockchain and Web3 space, Zilliqa Group, a renowned provider of Web3 solutions and blockchain infrastructure, has announced a strategic partnership with ChainUp, a Singapore-based leader in enterprise blockchain solutions. The collaboration aims to strengthen Web3 partnerships across various sectors, including loyalty programs, gaming, spatial web, and tokenization efforts.


Elevating Web3 Infrastructure


As part of this partnership, ChainUp will assume the role of an industrial-grade infrastructure partner for Zilliqa Group. Their collaboration aims to enhance and expand the Web3 ecosystem in several key areas, emphasizing their joint commitment to security, compliance, and innovation.


Core Infrastructure Provider


ChainUp’s role in the partnership extends beyond infrastructure support. The company will become a core provider of infrastructure services for the entire decentralized Zilliqa ecosystem. This involves operating a Staked Seed Node (SSN) and participating in transaction validation across the network. ChainUp joins a group of 29 existing SSN operators, including industry giants like Google Cloud, which recently announced its involvement as an SSN on the Zilliqa network.


Amplifying Market Presence


ChainUp’s significant presence in crucial financial hubs across Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, is a pivotal aspect of this collaboration. The company’s extensive network includes over 450 cryptocurrency exchanges and strong connections with numerous fintech companies, Web3 businesses, brokers, and investors. This amplifies market accessibility and connectivity for both Zilliqa Group and ChainUp, providing a broader and more robust foundation for their joint initiatives.


Security and Compliance as Pillars of Partnership


The partnership between Zilliqa Group and ChainUp underscores their mutual dedication to security and compliance within the blockchain and Web3 space. ChainUp contributes valuable enhanced custody services, a critical asset that is particularly important for institutional investors. Additionally, ChainUp’s “Know Your Transaction” services reinforce the partnership’s commitment to stringent security protocols, regulatory compliance, and the facilitation of smooth, secure transactions.


CEOs’ Perspectives on the Partnership


Commenting on this strategic collaboration, Zilliqa Group CEO Matt Dyer expressed his enthusiasm for the potential impact of this partnership. He highlighted the value it brings to Zilliqa’s existing capabilities in areas such as loyalty and gaming, while also introducing new features and capabilities for portfolio companies, businesses, and developers utilizing the Zilliqa blockchain for their products and services. Dyer emphasized the alignment of both businesses’ goals and their shared commitment to advancing the Web3 ecosystem.


ChainUp CEO Sailor Zhong also weighed in on the partnership, characterizing Zilliqa Group as a notable entity within the blockchain industry. Zhong underscored the alignment of this collaboration with ChainUp’s ongoing initiatives, which will offer additional capabilities for their diverse clientele. The partnership is expected to not only amplify ChainUp’s existing efforts but also open doors to innovative offerings and capabilities for their clients. Furthermore, Zhong anticipates significant growth and opportunities arising from this partnership, emphasizing its role in cementing ChainUp’s presence across Asia.


The partnership between Zilliqa Group and ChainUp holds the promise of advancing Web3 infrastructure, bolstering security and compliance, and fostering innovation within the blockchain industry. This collaboration not only serves the interests of both entities involved but also contributes to the broader evolution and expansion of the Web3 ecosystem across Asia, underscoring the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the blockchain space.

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