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Zimtu Capital Partners with Blockchain Venture Capital

Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSX.V:ZC)(FSE:ZCT1) has officially entered into an agreement with Blockchain Venture Capital Inc. (CSE:BVCI) to deploy its ZimtuADVANTAGE program, marking a strategic move in the realm of comprehensive marketing initiatives.

Under the terms of the one-year contract, Zimtu will be compensated with $12,500 per month by Blockchain Venture Capital Inc.


Navigating Capital Markets with ZimtuADVANTAGE


ZimtuADVANTAGE, a forward-thinking marketing initiative curated by Zimtu Capital Corp., is tailored to guide companies through the complexities of capital markets. The program offers a suite of services encompassing in-depth research reports, content creation, investor lead generation, targeted awareness advertising, video news releases, social media management, and newsletters.


The overarching objective of ZimtuADVANTAGE is to augment a company’s visibility and interaction with high-value investors. This is achieved through a strategic utilization of digital platforms and media outlets, facilitating the efficient dissemination of crucial company updates and information.


Strategic Collaboration for Market Impact


Blockchain Venture Capital Inc.’s decision to engage with Zimtu Capital Corp. for the ZimtuADVANTAGE program underscores the recognition of the value it brings to companies seeking to navigate capital markets. This collaboration is poised to yield significant benefits by leveraging the expertise of Zimtu Capital Corp. in strategic marketing efforts.


Enhancing Visibility and Engagement


Within the framework of ZimtuADVANTAGE, companies can expect to benefit from an array of services aimed at bolstering their presence in the market. In-depth research reports provide valuable insights, content creation ensures a compelling narrative, and investor lead generation establishes connections with potential backers.


Targeted awareness advertising, video news releases, and social media management contribute to the strategic dissemination of information, while newsletters offer a consistent channel for keeping stakeholders informed.


Meeting the Needs of the Modern Investor Landscape


ZimtuADVANTAGE recognizes the evolving dynamics of investor engagement in the digital age. By leveraging various digital platforms, this program aligns with contemporary preferences, ensuring that companies can effectively communicate their updates to a diverse audience of investors.


This strategic collaboration between Zimtu Capital Corp. and Blockchain Venture Capital Inc. reflects a commitment to fostering an environment where companies can thrive in the dynamic landscape of capital markets.




In summary, the partnership between Zimtu Capital Corp. and Blockchain Venture Capital Inc. signals a strategic alignment aimed at providing companies with a robust framework to navigate the challenges and opportunities of capital markets. ZimtuADVANTAGE emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering tailored services to enhance visibility, engagement, and effective communication with high-value investors in today’s digital era.

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