Zodia Custody and Parity Forge Alliance to Empower Institutional Access to Polkadot September 13, 2023 September 13, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Zodia Custody and Parity Forge Alliance to Empower Institutional Access to Polkadot

Enabling Secure Custody Services and Institutional Participation

In a significant development, Zodia Custody, a prominent digital asset custodian with the backing of influential shareholders like Standard Chartered, SBI Holdings, and Northern Trust, has unveiled a strategic alliance with Parity Technologies, a software development company deeply committed to creating an inclusive internet. Parity Technologies, with operational bases in Berlin, London, Lisbon, and Singapore, made a successful debut with Polkadot in 2021 and continues to play a pivotal role as a key contributor to the Polkadot network.

Fostering Institutional Access to Polkadot Ecosystem

This strategic collaboration between Zodia Custody and Parity Technologies is primarily focused on strengthening institutional access to the Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadot, renowned as a pioneering blockspace ecosystem, serves as a fertile ground for innovation, enabling the rapid transformation of Web3 concepts into tangible realities. The partnership is set to materialize through joint research and development initiatives, with the overarching goal of facilitating the participation of financial institutions in the Polkadot landscape.

Empowering Secure Custody Services

A notable outcome of this collaboration is Zodia Custody’s commitment to providing custody services tailored for the Polkadot ecosystem. This move signifies a pivotal step towards ensuring secure market access while extending bank-grade digital asset custody services to the financial sector. Zodia Custody, renowned for empowering institutional investors across the globe to tap into the vast potential of the digital asset landscape securely, adheres to rigorous standards pertaining to Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Financial Crime Compliance (FCC), and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Furthermore, it holds registration with regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Luxembourg.

Expanding Institutional Participation through Staking

The subsequent phase of this partnership is poised to enable financial institutions to actively engage in staking DOT, the native token of the Polkadot network. Importantly, this will transpire while assets remain securely stored within Zodia Custody’s cold storage infrastructure. This strategic move aims to broaden institutional involvement in the decentralized Polkadot network, fostering a seamless and expansive contribution to fortify the ecosystem.

Julian Sawyer, the CEO of Zodia Custody, emphasized the transformative potential of this alliance, stating, “The convergence between the realm of digital assets and traditional finance is rapidly unfolding, and strategic partnerships like the one we’ve forged with Parity will play a pivotal role in bridging this divide on a significant scale.” He underscored the partnership’s importance in nurturing future institutional participation and rendering Polkadot’s technology more accessible to financial institutions.

A Win-Win Collaboration

Bj√∂rn Wagner, the CEO of Parity Technologies, echoed Julian Sawyer’s sentiments, describing this collaboration with Zodia Custody as a “win-win” situation. He highlighted the immense potential for financial institutions to actively partake in the Web3 future that Polkadot envisions. Furthermore, he emphasized the opportunity for the Polkadot ecosystem to directly interact and collaborate with these esteemed financial institutions.

Sustaining Polkadot Ecosystem’s Evolution

Beyond immediate implementations, the collaboration between Zodia Custody and Parity Technologies holds the promise of supporting the continued evolution of the Polkadot ecosystem. This includes educational efforts aimed at enlightening institutions about the transformative potential of Polkadot technology through collaborative research and development initiatives. Additionally, Zodia Custody is poised to champion various global initiatives in collaboration with Parity and the broader Polkadot community, reinforcing the ecosystem’s resilience and potential for sustained growth.


This strategic alliance between Zodia Custody and Parity Technologies marks a significant step forward in bridging the gap between traditional finance and the transformative potential of blockchain technology. By enabling secure custody services and fostering institutional participation in the Polkadot ecosystem, this collaboration aligns with the industry’s broader mission of promoting innovation, security, and accessibility within the blockchain and digital asset landscape.

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