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ZorroSign Integrates with Provenance Blockchain for Enhanced Data Security

ZorroSign, a prominent provider of data security solutions based on blockchain technology, has unveiled an advanced integration with Provenance Blockchain. Provenance Blockchain is a decentralized blockchain designed specifically for financial services, boasting a total value locked (TVL) of over $8 billion in real-world financial assets. This integration marks a significant milestone, enabling ZorroSign users to securely store digital document information, including signatories, signatures, and transaction metadata, on the Provenance Blockchain. Moreover, it allows users to verify the immutability of their data on the blockchain through digital certificates accompanied by audit trails.


Unlocking the Benefits of Public Blockchains


Public blockchains like Provenance Blockchain offer a host of advantages in terms of data privacy and security. These benefits include decentralization, which enhances resistance to hacking and data breaches, transparency, which improves auditing and data tracking, and the use of cryptography to protect data from unauthorized access or alterations.


Applications Across Industries


This integration has broad-reaching implications across various industries. Healthcare providers can leverage it to manage patient records and clinical trials data securely while preserving privacy. Financial service providers gain a means to manage financial transactions and customer data securely and in compliance with regulations. Government agencies can utilize it to handle essential government data, including land records and voting systems, in a secure and transparent manner.


Empowering Users with Blockchain Security


Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign, expressed enthusiasm about offering the security and transparency of the Provenance Blockchain to their users. Originally built on the private Hyperledger Fabric blockchain architecture, ZorroSign’s platform has evolved into a cross-chain data security solution. It brings the robust cryptographic security and resilience of blockchain technology to a diverse range of sectors, including fintech, government, healthcare, law, real estate, and more.


Provenance Blockchain: A Financial Services Powerhouse


Provenance Blockchain is tailor-made for the financial services and insurance industry, frequently serving as the blockchain of choice for tokenization. It has played a pivotal role in several financial services milestones, including the introduction of blockchain-native consumer loans, the first asset-backed securitization on blockchain, and the first bank-issued tokenized deposits in the United States. Over 70 prominent financial institutions, including Apollo Global Management, Hamilton Lane, Guaranteed Rate, and innovative fintech companies, leverage Provenance Blockchain.


A Strategic Collaboration


Dan Garzia, Chief Marketing Officer of the Provenance Blockchain Foundation, highlighted ZorroSign’s role as a global leader in blockchain-enabled platforms that unify digital signatures, identity-as-a-service, contract lifecycle management (CLM), privacy compliance, patented fraud prevention, user authentication, document validation, and more. The collaboration aligns with Provenance Blockchain’s mission to modernize financial services.


ZorroSign’s Comprehensive Data Security Platform


ZorroSign employs blockchain technology as the foundation of its mission: protecting and empowering people to navigate their digital lives securely. Governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide trust ZorroSign to safeguard their digital documents and establish an immutable chain of custody for digital transactions. The company’s data security platform encompasses various functionalities, including digital signatures (Z-Sign), automated compliance (Z-Flow), intelligent form completion (Z-Fill), immutable document storage (Z-Vault), patented fraud prevention (Z-Forensics), user authentication and document verification (Z-Verify), and identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) capabilities, among others.




The integration of ZorroSign with Provenance Blockchain represents a significant stride toward enhancing data security and privacy, particularly in the realm of financial services. This collaboration not only ensures the secure storage of digital document information but also bolsters the trustworthiness and immutability of critical data through blockchain technology. As these two industry leaders join forces, they continue to drive innovation and set new standards for data security in an increasingly digital world.

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