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ZTX Unveils Genesis Home Mint in Collaboration with OpenSea, Revolutionizing NFT Ecosystem

ZTX, a pioneering project dedicated to creating an immersive 3D open world within the NFT ecosystem, has taken a momentous leap by introducing the Genesis Home Mint. In collaboration with the prominent NFT marketplace OpenSea, ZTX is poised to redefine the landscape of virtual experiences. This groundbreaking event is scheduled for August 30 and 31, drawing the vibrant ZTX community and creators into a realm of unprecedented possibilities. Notably, the use of Ethereum (ETH) layer two scaling solution Arbitrum (ARB) will facilitate the minting process for Genesis Home investors.

ZTX’s Genesis Home Mint: A Landmark Step Toward an Immersive 3D NFT Universe

Innovative Approach to NFT Acquisition

As part of the initiative, NFT enthusiasts looking to purchase via the Arbitrum L2 network must seamlessly integrate Arbitrum into their wallets and bridge their ETH to Arbi ETH. The partnership between ZTX and OpenSea has garnered praise from Oliver Maroney, Head of Gaming Partnerships at OpenSea, who emphasized the potential of NFT-powered games to introduce blockchain technology to new users and catalyze evolution within the gaming industry.

Strategic Planning and Resource Investment

The ZTX Web3 platform has committed substantial resources and meticulous planning to ensure the success of the Genesis Home Mint. The endeavor encompassed two distribution phases: the pre-sale and the main sale. The pre-sale phase concluded on August 23, with all 2,000 available NFT units rapidly claimed by investors. The upcoming main sale, slated for the end of August, will make available another 2,000 NFT units at a floor price of 0.06 ETH.

Diverse Sale Stages for Inclusive Participation

The main sale will unfold in two distinct stages. Stage 1, commencing on August 30, will allow whitelist participation, followed by Stage 2, the public sale, where each wallet is limited to acquiring up to 5 units.

Empowering the Community and Creators

Chris Jang, Co-CEO of ZTX, expressed excitement about the project’s inaugural mint, underlining the initiative’s commitment to rewarding dedicated users and creators. He praised the engagement of early backers, whose support during the pre-sale phase led to its resounding success. Jang emphasized ZTX’s dedication to providing creators with essential infrastructure tools, enabling the expansion of diverse 3D experiences, and solidifying its role as a steadfast partner within the web3 space.

The Essence of Genesis Home Mint

The Genesis Home Mint introduces uniquely crafted NFTs that bestow holders with multifaceted utilities and access to future rewards via the ZTX Web3 platform. Beyond their aesthetic value, these digital collectibles offer creators a platform to foster connections and interact with a diverse fan base while reaping on-chain rewards for their creative contributions.

Envisioning the ZTX Districts

At the heart of the Genesis Home Mint lie four distinctive ZTX Districts: Fashion, Games, Finance, and Arts. Within their virtual homes, NFT owners have the freedom to customize rooms according to their preferences, facilitating gatherings and events. These NFT homes will play a pivotal role as membership passes, endowing holders with governance rights over the community treasuries of the four ZTX Districts. This governance will support diverse creators through grants and initiatives tailored to each district’s unique vision.

A Path of Growth and Collaboration

ZTX has recently captured attention by securing $13 million in its seed funding round, bolstering its mission to develop infrastructure and implement a strategic marketing strategy. The funding round was led by esteemed digital asset venture capital firm Jump Crypto, with contributions from Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group, among others.

In July, ZTX joined forces with Dust Labs, a prominent web3 startup behind DeGods and y00ts digital collections. This collaboration led to the launch of ZTX Partner Wearables, an initiative focused on community-centric engagement. The partnership empowers IP partners with tools to create 3D assets for an open-world environment, expanding the narrative and depth of IP experiences within the ZTX metaverse platform.


The introduction of ZTX’s Genesis Home Mint marks a turning point in the evolution of the NFT ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships, innovative technologies, and a commitment to user engagement, ZTX is propelling the world of virtual experiences into new dimensions. As the NFT landscape continues to flourish, ZTX’s journey exemplifies the potential of collaboration and creativity to shape the future of digital interactions.

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