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Deadline To Update PIVX Core Wallet Is Today

Private Instant Verified TransactionIn December 2017, PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction) rolled out core wallet v3.0.0 that included support for a next generation proof of stake privacy solution utilizing Zerocoin protocol (zPIV). PIVX made history at that time by being the first POS (proof of stake) digital currency to implement a fully private and anonymous transaction protocol.

A week before, PIVX v3.1.0.2 core wallet update was released with multiple major feature additions, new GUI design, UI/UX enhancements, numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements. The latest version contains improvements and rules that will not be compatible with previous versions. The last deadline for update is May 8th, 2018 12:00:00 AM GMT. Users who miss the deadline for mandatory update will have to perform a full resync of the wallet with the blockchain.

PIVX users are expected to following the rules while performing the update

  • Any zPIV minted with core wallet 3.0.6 and below will not be qualified for zPIV staking, and will not be able to be backed up with the deterministic seed. Any zPIV in circulation will need to be converted to PIV when zPIV is reactivated on May 8th, and remint to zPIV using the new wallet (v3.1.0.2), to ensure you can receive all new benefits.

Prior to updating your wallet to v3.1.0.2 we encourage all users to:

  • Any wallets and masternodes that have not upgraded to v3.1.0.2 by the deadline will not be compatible with the new zPoS network. This means transactions and rewards will not be applicable on the main network.

Some of the latest features are

  • zPIV Staking (zPoS)
  • Deterministic zPIV (dzPIV) (see FAQ below for more info)
  • Encrypted zPIV (ezPIV) (zPIV data is now encrypted in wallet.dat)
  • New graphical user interface layout & design.
  • Updated block reward payment schedule.
  • User defined wallet.dat backup location.

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