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EOS To Release Chat App With Wallet Facility During Mainnet Launch

EOS has announced that it will release the “Next-Generation Chat App” along with the launch of its mainnet next month. The EOS platform-based next-generation decentralized socialized network will offer unlimited chat facility across the world, while featuring an EOS wallet and a blockchain communication community.

The EOSChat App is an outcome of successful integration of digital currency storage, EOS elite community, ultra-fast mainnet transaction, and encrypted instant messaging.

EOSChat will offer the following features

Decentralized chat

Unlike Ethereum’s decentralized chat tool, there is no need to pay for data transfer on EOSChat. It is completely free and offers higher transmission speed than Ethereum blockchain network. The smarter instant message processing model employed by EOSChat enables transfer request and smart contracts can be sent quickly without relying on central server’s synchronization protocol.

Decentralized application market

The EOSchat converts a user’s mobile device as a light node on the EOS network. This allows the user to access the entire ecosystem of EOS from any place.

Light wallet

For the first time, EOSChat’s wallet will also offer security protection measure of double private key using EOS Dawn 3.0 technology. The light wallet also supports the new generation industry standards such as custom public key address and multi-level authority management modes. As mentioned often, the EOS mainnet will support as many as 10,000 TPS. This will ensure high performance of the EOSChat facility.

The launch of EOS mainnet and EOSChat facility is one of the most important events in the cryptocurrency domain. The decentralized social network and high-speed payment will definitely be one of the most talked subjects in the mainstream media.

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