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Expanding WEMIX PLAY Gaming Ecosystem to LG Smart TVs: A Pioneering Collaboration

Wemade, the renowned South Korea-based global game developer, is set to propel its Web3 gaming ecosystem to new heights through the imminent introduction of popular WEMIX PLAY-hosted games on LG Smart TVs and monitors.

This strategic expansion will encompass global availability, excluding mainland China, Singapore, and South Korea.


Milestone Achievement for WEMIX PLAY on LG Screens


In a groundbreaking move, Wemade is making its mark by offering games hosted on the WEMIX PLAY blockchain gaming platform on LG screens for the first time. This development signifies a significant milestone in Wemade’s overarching mission to construct a robust blockchain-based mega-ecosystem.


LG Smart TV users worldwide will gain access to Anipang Match, a captivating puzzle game crafted by the subsidiary Wemade Play, along with the engaging farming simulation game Every Farm from Wemade Connect.


Diversifying LG Screen Compatibility


Expanding beyond LG Smart TVs, Anipang Match and Every Farm will also be accessible on LG lifestyle screens StanbyME, StandbyME Go, and smart monitors, ensuring a broader reach across various LG devices.


These two titles are part of a diverse collection of over 35 games spanning different genres, all accessible to millions of users on WEMIX PLAY, recognized as the world’s premier blockchain gaming platform (www.wemixplay.com).


Strategic Collaboration for Enhanced Gaming Experience


Building on this momentum, WEMIX PLAY and LG are actively exploring collaborative efforts aimed at delivering an enhanced and more enjoyable gaming experience on LG screens. This collaboration seeks to synergize the strengths of WEMIX PLAY’s expansive gaming offerings with LG’s widespread and technologically advanced smart TV platform.


Since its introduction on LG Smart TVs in 2014, webOS has emerged as one of the most widely adopted smart TV platforms globally, powering over 200 million LG screens worldwide.


Conclusion: Paving the Way for Web3 Gaming Integration


In summary, Wemade’s strategic move to extend the WEMIX PLAY gaming ecosystem to LG Smart TVs and monitors signifies a pioneering step in the integration of Web3 gaming. The inclusion of Anipang Match and Every Farm on LG screens reflects not only the diversification of available games but also the potential for a transformative collaboration between WEMIX PLAY and LG. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, this partnership is poised to redefine the gaming experience for millions of users globally, creating a seamless bridge between WEMIX PLAY’s blockchain-based offerings and LG’s widely embraced smart TV platform.


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