Ledger Wallet Hints At Possible Support To Tron June 14, 2018 June 27, 2018 Doug Holmes
NewsJune 14, 2018 by Doug Holmes

Ledger Wallet Hints At Possible Support To Tron

Tron (TRX) released its mainnet on May 31, a month before it was planned originally. Even though, the blockchain network claims to support 2,000 transactions per second and offers rewards for migrating from Ethereum to its mainnet, still the price of TRX token has fallen sharply in the past week.

However, Tron Foundation continues with its plan to decentralize the internet. In this regard, Tron’s founder Justin Sun has acquired BitTorrent, a file sharing protocol. The latest news is Ledger wallet has expressed its interest in supporting TRX cryptocurrency.

When it comes to storing cryptocurrencies offline, Ledger Nano S is one of the most preferred hardware wallets. It is a known fact that Ledger Nano S only supports popular cryptocurrencies.
When one of Tron supporters casually asked Ledger about the possible support for Tron, the wallet team immediately responded positively by inviting the Tron developer community to join hands with them and assess the technical complexity of the new mainnet.

The message indicates that Tron may be soon added to the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger Nano S. If Tron gets accepted, then its credibility will further increase. Creating a cold storage wallet with option to lock tokens and vote is a challenge which still remains. It can be remembered that Sun has recently issued an invitation to developers asking them to contribute to the development of Tron ecosystem.

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