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MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 Triumphs in Showcasing Next-Gen Blockchain Gaming

MetaCene, the renowned blockchain gaming platform incubated and published by MixMarvel, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of its Alpha Test 2. This next-generation MMORPG, known for its immersive gameplay and innovative use of blockchain technology, displayed remarkable progress during the 16-day testing phase.


Enhanced Gameplay and Community Engagement:

During Alpha Test 2, MetaCene exhibited enhanced gameplay, deeper community involvement, and the introduction of new NFTs and tokens. Over 5000 participants dedicated an average of four hours daily, showcasing the game’s appeal and engaging mechanics. The retention rates were exceptional, with 75% of players remaining engaged on the first day and 50% active even by day fourteen.


Technical Brilliance and User-Friendly Design:

MetaCene’s technical performance during the test was outstanding, with servers in Asia and the Americas efficiently managing a substantial player base. The stability of the Rangers Mainnet was evident, and the MixMarvel SDK (MMSDK) significantly improved the user experience, simplifying logins on the asset trading website and within the game. The user-friendly design and seamless integration of the MMSDK underscored its importance in MetaCene’s backend infrastructure.


Diverse Player Base and High Retention Rates:

The player base of MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 represented diverse regions, and retention rates remained high throughout the two-week period. Noteworthy engagement metrics included the Illusive Cube entry count and active participation in Guild Wars. A substantial portion of the player base, 59%, consisted of Alpha1 participants who reached level 25 or higher, emphasizing the game’s interactive and collaborative nature.


Impressive Economic and Asset Performance:

MetaCene’s economic and asset performance during Alpha Test 2 was impressive, generating a substantial number of $MUD tokens, the fundamental asset in the MetaCene ecosystem. The in-game tokens and rewarding assets also contributed to the game’s overall success. Notably, the prices of equipment NFTs and the MetaCene Apostle NFT experienced substantial increases, indicating high demand and value within the game.


Looking Ahead to the Beta Test:

With the triumphant conclusion of Alpha Test 2, MetaCene eagerly anticipates the Beta test. The developers are dedicated to incorporating player feedback and fine-tuning the game to exceed community expectations. MetaCene’s journey exemplifies the seamless integration of technology, creativity, and community, creating a vast and immersive world for players to explore.



MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to excellence. The successful fusion of cutting-edge technology, creative gameplay, and active community involvement positions MetaCene as a leading force in the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming. As the platform moves forward to the Beta test, anticipation builds for the continued growth and success of MetaCene in the dynamic world of online gaming.

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