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Microsoft to Introduce Token Collectibles on Ethereum Blockchain

Microsoft Azure, blockchain supporting cloud platform of Microsoft, has announced a program involving the award of blockchain based non-fungible tokens named “Azure Heroes” to the developer community.

The tokens reflect cartoonish badgers (word “badge” twisted) and intend to cultivate and encourage positive behavior in Azure ecosystem.

Each badger supply is restricted between 100 to 10,000 units.

The firm said:

“Azure Heroes aims to reward individuals for verifiable acts of impact such as coaching, creating demos, building sample code, blogging about Azure or completing certain challenges. Community members that have demonstrated their contributions will be recognized with badges across a number of categories.”

Microsoft developed the non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in partnership with Enjin, a blockchain focused gaming firm. Every season, the tokens will be minted and the restricted quantities, which can be validated on the public chain, will be disbursed through a QR code that suggests the receiver to download and install a wallet.

To receive token, a nomination is absolutely necessary, but can be done by oneself. Individuals who are nominated will be judged by the community on the basis of work done in improving the ecosystem. The winner will be given a badger.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are basically unique blockchain based tokens that cannot be substituted for anything else. NFTs are usually utilized for digital collectible goods, with Cryptokitties being a prominent example.

Earlier in November, gamebook company Fabled Lands disclosed that it is partnering with Microsoft and a popular game developer Eidos to create a blockchain card game on the basis of a 1980s best-selling gamebook titled “The Way of the Tiger.” Fabled Lands will utilize NFTs on the VeChain blockchain to safeguard in-game collectibles and other resources.

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