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Mythical Games Takes Blockchain-Powered Gaming to Mobile Devices

In a significant strategic shift, Mythical Games is set to extend its Web3 PC game, Blankos Block Party, to mobile platforms, capitalizing on the success of its NFL Rivals game on iOS and Android. This move signifies Mythical Games’ commitment to making blockchain technology more accessible to mainstream gamers.


Success with NFL Rivals


Mythical Games garnered considerable success with its NFL Rivals game, amassing nearly 2.5 million downloads on iOS and Android since its launch in August. Notably, NFL Rivals was a pioneering Web3 game featured on popular app stores. However, it was a fusion of both Web2 and Web3 attributes, allowing players to make in-app purchases without necessitating the use of cryptocurrency or Mythical’s own tokens. This approach enabled the game to gain approval on major app stores like Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Navigating App Store Regulations


Mythical Games had to navigate the strict regulations imposed by Google Play and Apple App Store. Google Play, for instance, imposed rules that restricted Web3 games from any association with gambling and introduced other restrictions. Apple’s approval, though experimental in nature, showcased NFL Rivals as the “game of the day,” a recognition that Mythical Games found highly beneficial.


Web3 and Web2 Player Mix


Most players of NFL Rivals on iOS and Android are categorized as Web2 players, with only a small fraction engaging with Web3 elements. Mythical Games adopted a “gamers first” approach, allowing users to enjoy the game without delving deeply into blockchain intricacies. While Web3 technology is embedded within the NFL game, the focus remains on delivering an engaging gaming experience. The game is exclusively available on iOS and Android.


Blockchain Marketplace Integration


NFL Rivals introduced the concept of obtaining, upgrading, and trading digital collectibles alongside players. These digital collectibles can be traded and sold on Mythical’s Marketplace, but players are not obliged to do so. The Marketplace, integrated within the game on mobile devices, minimizes friction for users. Items in the Marketplace are listed in Rivals credits, and players acquire virtual currency from app stores to make purchases. This virtual currency can also be used for blockchain-based transactions. However, it’s important to note that credits purchased in the game cannot be converted into other cryptocurrencies.


Expanding to More Blockchains


Mythical Games is not stopping at one success; it has ambitious plans to expand to other blockchains, including BNB Chain and Ethereum. Furthermore, the company intends to provide support for Uniswap liquidity providers, a group that locks substantial token values across numerous trading pairs. This expansion underscores Mythical Games’ commitment to broadening its impact in the DeFi landscape.


Positive Feedback and Future Outlook


Mythical Games has received positive feedback and recognition within the industry. The company’s CEO, John Linden, expressed satisfaction with the progress made and hinted at upcoming titles. While Apple has been relatively opaque in its policies regarding blockchain games, frequent conversations with app store platforms have been essential in navigating the regulatory landscape. Linden emphasized that Mythical Games has strived to adhere to app store rules and welcomed their monitoring of the situation.


In conclusion, Mythical Games’ venture into the DeFi space is poised to reshape the gaming landscape. By introducing blockchain elements while ensuring a seamless user experience, the company aims to make blockchain gaming more accessible and attractive to a broader audience. The move to take Blankos Block Party to mobile platforms is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion. As Mythical Games continues to add new players and titles, the Web3 gaming sector may be on the verge of a significant growth phase, heralding a new era for blockchain-powered gaming.

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