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Nike Unveils Blockchain Platform “Swoosh” for Immersive Metaverse Encounter

Bloomberg has reported that renowned global sportswear firm Nike has expanded its digital offering with the debut of its digital shoe and marketplace referred to as Swoosh. The sports behemoth joined the metaverse by purchasing Rtfkt, a digital development firm where users may generate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using Web 3 technology, in December 2021.

Nike aims to transform some of its branded digital products accessible on Swoosh, based on the report. There are several tie-ins for these digital footwear, clothes, and gadgets. The firm produced $185 million in revenue from NFT sales, beating Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) and Tiffany & Co.

Despite the fact that the firm is not currently offering anything on Swoosh, certain digital items may provide access to actual or physical things beyond the site. They may also provide unique access to actual, real-world events. The startup intends to build a robust Web 3 ecosystem that will one day enable computer programmers to collaborate with Rtfkt artists on the creation of distinctive digital goods. Royalties obtained from the sales of the items will be used to reimburse the producers.

“It will be a venue where our supporters may participate in co-creating our destiny. Nike digital items may be collected, traded, and flexed. “You can bring your token-gated digital creations to real-world events,” stated Ron Faris, CEO of Nike Virtual Studios.

Faris said that the app is now in its trial stage and will launch formally on Friday. Access to the site, nevertheless, is restricted to individuals using unique access credentials. Enrollment begins on November 18, and the initial NFTs will be published on the site in January of the following year.

“We are stepping into a period of trial and error. Faris said, “We do not yet know how customers will interact with digital goods.”

The emphasis of the sportswear behemoth is on exposing the product line to prospective customers in undeveloped countries. Nike will visit six cities to generate awareness about web3 and blockchain technologies. Similar to the legitimate Nike portal, users may buy their favourite moments utilizing U.S. dollars as well as credit or debit cards.

The move to sell things using fiat currency attempts to lessen the market volatility linked to cryptocurrencies and make it easier for new users to use the site. Eventually, though, users will be able to buy products and link their cryptocurrency wallets to the network.

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