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Market NewsApril 10, 2020 by Kelly Cromley

Nym Blockchain Powered Privacy Protection Platform Mixnet Begins Trial

Nym Technologies, a blockchain focused startup headquartered in Switzerland, has requested the society as a whole to join the next stage of its mixnet platform’s user trial.

The privacy framework guarantees state-of-the-art safeguard against crowd supervision and has arrived at a moment when governments across the world are increasing their authority in the interest of battling the coronavirus epidemic.

To begin with, platform users are encouraged to operate mix-nodes on the Nym testnet. A worldwide network of mix-nodes will result in the creation of mixnet, which works to irrevocably conceal patterns and metadata in web traffic by blending data clusters of different users.

Nym stresses that contrary to VPNs and Tor, the mixnet can also overwhelm National Security Agency grade monitoring system which can silently supervise a network completely, as CEO Harry Halpin details:

“With Nym, you can communicate freely without your internet traffic revealing your metadata. It’s even more important now given increased surveillance due to the coronavirus. Nym’s mixnet resists a global passive adversary like the NSA that can record all the traffic coming in and out of a network.”

Nym’s testnet will be unveiled in three stages all through this year. The first stage is the mixnet and establishment of public mix-nodes.

It will be succeeded by the inclusion of validators to completely decentralize the mixnet. Eventually, the third stage will involve inclusion of rewards for those operating mix-nodes and mixing clusters to safeguard the info of other users.

The Nym mixnet will permit any blockchain or application interested to offer improved privacy facilities to embed in the network. Electric Coin Company, which is behind Zcash (ZEC) privacy coin, had earlier taken part in invite-only trial, stating that “ECC believe that network privacy is an essential layer of defense for cryptocurrency users.”

According to Halpin, individual privacy continues to get torn apart as governments across the globe resort to boost supervision and tracking of its citizens with the purpose of limiting the spread of coronavirus disease.

Halpin believes that the complex measures taken by the governments can hardly be reversed. So, Halpin has called people to join hands and act now in order to safeguard personal freedoms.

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