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Rainforest Foundation Accepts Crypto Donation In Their Efforts to Save Amazon Forest

The New York-based Rainforest Foundation, a non-profit NGO operating in Central and South America, is now confident of supporting anti-deforestation actions using crypto and blockchain technology.

The Rainforest Foundation appealed the crypto and blockchain enthusiasts to join their efforts in fighting deforestation and Amazon fires.

The post on the foundation’s website states:

“Since Bolsonaro took office in January, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is up 75% and forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon have doubled compared to the past year. As guardians of our rainforests, its animals and its people, we are working with The Giving Block to form a coalition of crypto sponsors, donors and media partners who will help stop this devastation.”

The Rainforest Foundation has welcomed donations in the form of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other cryptocurrencies.

The Rainforest Foundation, backed by musician Sting, is currently actively involved in a blockchain venture to guarantee prolonged clarity, which will enable donors to monitor the job carried out by the foundation in the Amazon rainforest and offer cryptos as compensation to local communities who are safeguarding their forests.

The foundation is also studying the use of smart contracts to prevent unauthorized cutting and processing trees, land trafficking and secure forests from gold mining. Suzanne Pelletier, executive director at the Rainforest Foundation, stated that the critical situation in the Brazilian rainforest has cornered them to develop unique solutions.

Pelletier said

“Business as usual has gotten us to this point. Philanthropy as usual won’t get us out. We need innovative solutions, and no one is more innovative than cryptocurrency users.”

Notably, crypto and blockchain technology continues to be adopted by charitable organizations across the world. For instance, when hurricane Dorian struck, Bahamas headquartered blockchain company requested crypto enthusiasts to assist in relief work.

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