Swiss Crypto Vault Looks To Attract High Net Investors Jul 3, 2018 Jul 3, 2018 Doug Holmes
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Swiss Crypto Vault Looks To Attract High Net Investors

Swiss Crypto VaultSwitzerland has quickly become a major destination for crypto trading.

This is mostly because of the low tax rates and the very welcoming regulatory requirements.

High Net and Institutional investors who have millions invested into Bitcoin (BTH) are now being invited by two prominent Swiss investors, Niklas Nikolajsen and Philipp Vonmoos to invest in their newly established Swiss Crypto Vault.

This special Swiss Crypto Value is supposed to be perfect for high net investors and institutions who want the assurance that their bitcoin is safe from hackers. Nikolajsen and Vonmoos are looking to attract investors from around the world with the promise that their Swiss Crypto Vault will be providing the best in security, storage, and encryption. When a client's bitcoin comes in, the only way it will be going out is with their personal approval.

Swiss Crypto Vault launched services this week and clients from around the world will be able to deposit other cryptocurrencies beside bitcoin. This includes Etherum and other popular cryptocurrencies. The Vault already has its first client in the form of Bitcoin Suisse, the brokerage firm that Nikolajsen founded. Bitcoin Suisse has already moved all of its assets to the bunker which boasts of deep underground storage, an authorization process that requires multiple signatories, state of the art encryption and top end firewalls.

Swiss Crypto Vault

Swiss Vault Selling Peace Of Mind To Investors

This is not the first time Swiss bunkers have been used to store cryptocurrencies. They are notoriously well-made and are perfect for protecting cryptocurrencies from online hacking and the very physical threat of servers getting damaged. Considering these bunkers were made to withstand a nuclear attack, high net investors should be very confident of working with The Vault.

The Swiss investors expect banks and high end investors to sign contracts with them as they will have the assurance that their multi-million dollar investments in crypto are protected at all times.

In a statement, Nikolajsen said

Many banks already have important clients where they simply cannot say no when they ask about crypto investments and crypto financial services – that's when banks get in touch with us

Switzerland's banks have always been nervous about letting cryptocurrencies in, with concerns about legality and safety being the most-cited reasons. Despite this, Nikolajsen assures everyone that the Swiss financial regulator, Finma is well aware of his operation and everything is above board.

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