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Telefónica Tech Revolutionizes Professional Training with Blockchain Accreditation

Telefónica Tech has taken a significant stride in the realm of professional training by employing blockchain technology to accredit nanodegrees within the ‘Profesionales 4.0’ program. This initiative, a collaboration between Fundación Telefónica and CEOE, aims to digitally upskill professionals in key sectors for enhanced competitiveness in the market.


Blockchain Accreditation: Ensuring Authenticity and Security


The accreditation of nanodegrees using blockchain technology serves as a crucial enhancement, fortifying the security of qualifications and mitigating the risk of falsification or fraud. Through Telefónica Tech’s information certification solution, TrustOS, students completing the training can authenticate their acquired skills, providing potential employers with a reliable demonstration of their capabilities.


TrustOS: Simplifying Verification Through Managed Blockchain Service


TrustOS, Telefónica Tech’s managed blockchain service, facilitates the digital and secure issuance of nanodegree qualifications. This process streamlines and improves verification, enabling anyone, anywhere in the world, to verify the qualification’s authenticity without the need for physical documentation. The issuance includes a unique QR code for each qualification, allowing for the unequivocal verification of issue date, characteristics, and the professional’s training journey.


Digital Wallet Integration: Pioneering European Standards


Professionals completing nanodegree programs can download their credentials as verifiable documents into their approved digital wallet (EUID Wallet). Fundación Telefónica emerges as a trailblazer within the European Union, leading the issuance of qualifications in a portable and legally valid digital format. This advancement enhances employability and international mobility for professionals completing a nanodegree.


EU Digital Identity Ecosystem: A Glimpse into the Future


The collaboration aligns with the forthcoming European Commission-promoted digital identity ecosystem, allowing citizens and residents of the Union to utilize their digital wallets for identification purposes with public institutions and digital service providers from 2024 onward.


Digital Transformation Mandate: Impetus for Digital Training


In response to the pervasive digital transformation across economic sectors, digital training has become imperative for the entire workforce. The ‘Profesionales 4.0′ nanodegree program addresses this need, having attracted over 75,000 enrollees since its inception in 2019, with the support of employers’ associations across various sectors.


Empowering Through Nanogrades: Focused Training Initiatives


The initiative targets training in emerging technologies such as big data, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics through its four nanodegree categories. These include ‘Nanograde Construction 4.0,’ ‘Nanogrado Transporte 4.0,’ ‘Nanogrado Agroalimentario Hortofrutícola 4.0,’ and ‘Nanogrado de Turismo, Hotelería y Gastronomía.’


Luis Miguel Olivas and José Luis Núñez: Perspectives on the Initiative


Luis Miguel Olivas, Director of Employability and Educational Innovation at Fundación Telefónica, emphasizes the accreditation’s significance, highlighting the commitment to improving employability in key sectors and aligning with the evolving digital landscape.


José Luis Núñez, head of Telefónica Tech’s blockchain business, underscores the collaboration’s value in reinforcing transparency and adding value across diverse sectors, positioning blockchain technology as a catalyst for change.


In conclusion, the integration of blockchain technology in accrediting nanodegrees within the ‘Profesionales 4.0’ program not only safeguards qualifications but also pioneers a new standard for digital credentials, fostering a more secure and transparent professional landscape.

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