Tron Aims To Enable Communication Across Blockchains By 4Q18 April 29, 2018 June 15, 2018 Carolyn Dawson
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Tron Aims To Enable Communication Across Blockchains By 4Q18

Through a live stream, Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun detailed the objectives that will be achieved by the Tron Foundation in 2018. The information covered details about the mainnet launch, super representatives election, token migration, and Tron network performance. While the presentation was an attempt to club the information which has been revealed in the past, there was one notable information which could propel Tron (TRX) token to great heights by this year end.

Justin Sun announced that Tron will launch Great Voyage 1.0 in Q4. The update to the mainnet to be launched in May end will enable communication across different blockchains.

Tron’s roadmap for 2018

  • 10,000 transactions per second network capacity
  • Zero transaction fees
  • On-chain resource allocation governance
  • Odyssey 2.0 launch with Proof of Stake
  • Dapps debut
  • Token wallet
  • Blockchain browser

Migration to mainnet

Sun mentioned that Tron holders should simply move the coins to an exchange such as Binance, which supports the migration to mainnet. Those who forget to move to an exchange will not lose their tokens. The coins can be swapped for ever.

Our supporters don’t need to worry about the token swap. You can either deposit your TRX into an exchange and wait for them to swap for you – and even if you forget to put the token into the exchange, we will have the exchange support swaps forever.


Block time

Following the launch of mainnet, one block will be created every second by the Tron network. The elected Super Representatives will receive 32 TRX per block. Overall, one billion TRX tokens will be rewarded to Super Representatives per year.

SR (Super Representatives Election)

Following the election, which is scheduled to take place on June 26, 27, Super Representatives who will form the backbone of the Tron network will be selected. Even individuals can take part in the election. However, details of official websites, server location, key team members and social media account should be provided. The schedule of events is provided underneath:

Tron: What are Super Representatives?

Tron: Super Representatives suggested timeline

Super Representative Candidates as of April 28

  • Antpool
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Bixin
  • GiftO
  • Odyssey
  • GSC
  • Game
  • Node Capital
  • Nextgenius
  • MDT
  • Read
  • DAC
  • BeeCool
  • RightBTC
  • Cobo
  • BitcoinWorld
  • CryptoDiva
  • Zhu Yuanyuan
  • Sesameseed
  • Lianjinshu
  • Teamtronics

Regarding voting on Tron network, Jusin Sun said

“Right now, for the mainstream networks, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum, all token holders – they don’t have, like, any rights at all. So basically this is also a very great experiment that the Tron holders will be one of the world’s first voters in blockchain history. So never forget who votes.”

All Tron holders can vote in the SR election. In the future, Tron Foundation may reward voters with TRX tokens.

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