XTRD To Dist. CME Bitcoin Fut. Data, Plans Launching XTRD Pro In 3Q18 April 6, 2018 April 6, 2018 David Nugent
NewsApril 6, 2018 by David Nugent

XTRD To Dist. CME Bitcoin Fut. Data, Plans Launching XTRD Pro In 3Q18

XTRD, a technology company offering proven, mature technologies from Wall Street and applying them to the world of cryptocurrencies, is authorized to distribute CME Group Bitcoin futures market data, along with other vendors. XTRD will distribute Bitcoin futures data alongside a normalized, aggregated market data feed encompassing liquid crypto exchanges and will enhance XTRD’s competitive advantage in market data/execution services in the cryptocurrency space.

In addition, XTRD will be leveraging CME Bitcoin Futures data to create models to more efficiently circulate funds across crypto exchanges and minimize currency risk for the XTRD SPA (Single Point of Access) multi-exchange liquidity aggregation product. CME Group’s proprietary data will enhance XTRD’s competitive advantage in providing execution capability across multiple cryptocurrency markets with just one account.

By the end of Q3 of 2018, XTRD plans to release XTRD PRO, a proprietary downloadable front-end application, which allows easy manual crypto trading. The application will encompass Bitcoin futures along with regular crypto pairs. It will enable high-volume and professional traders to trade and analyze the market with relative ease.

By leveraging XTRD’s co-location facilities in Aurora and Cermak, as well as a unified FIX API that allows easy institutional access, XTRD’s platform provides an aggregated data feed of all crypto and crypto derivative products to customers.

Sergii Gulko, CTO of XTRD.IO said

“XTRD is looking forward to incorporating CME futures data into the core XTRD products to be released in 2018. XTRD aims to change the way cryptocurrency is traded on a fundamental level by offering mature, battle-tested financial technologies to large market participants who need them urgently.”

The company plans to launch advanced analysis and trading products.


Most finance professionals and active traders don’t use web based trading platforms to consume market data and trade. Instead, they use robust, secure, standalone, downloadable applications that allow for fast order entry, immediate execution, advanced charting, and custom order types. In the crypto space, such a professional platform does not yet exist.

XTRD plans to launch XTRD Pro in 2018 – a highly robust, multi-exchange standalone trading platform for active traders. The platform will include, among other features, advanced consolidated order books, hotkey order entry, and custom order types, with 24×7 uptime.

After successful launch of XTRD platform, the company will launch SPA.


XTRD creates a single unified point of access to aggregate liquidity across xchanges for traders. This aggregation allows traders to clear at the best possible prices while delivering the lowest possible transaction costs as well as atomic swap capability all with just one client-side account.


Trading fees will be collected through the cryptographic economy, facilitated by the XTRD token. XTRD is an ERC20 compliant utility token generated on the Ethereum blockchain and will be used as a means of payment by trading participants for services provided by XTRD.


As XTRD tokens are used to pay for services on the XTRD trading network, line tokens will be cycled back into the network.Discounts of 25% on XTRD services (execution, colocation, market data, software licensing) will be available for token holders in general and discounts of 40% on XTRD services will be available for token holders who maintain an average monthly stake of at least 50,000 XTRD tokens.

About XTRD

XTRD is a technology company founded by veteran Wall Street trading specialists. The company’s principals have extensive experience in distributing CME Group market data, having run large market data projects since 2011 and facilitating the entire suite of infrastructure, from a data capture plant with FPGA-based NICs, that allows for 10-nanosecond timestamp precision, to a GPS-synchronized GrandMaster with PPS output, processing rigs, and distributed storage in Aurora and NY4. The company is introducing a new infrastructure that would allow banks, hedge funds, and large institutional traders to easily access cryptocurrency markets.

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