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Edge Unveils Crypto Mastercard that Doesn’t Gather KYC Info

The cryptocurrency company Edge, which is situated in San Diego, has made an announcement on the debut of a private crypto Mastercard that does not gather KYC data and does not charge any transaction fees. Privacy advocates should rest easy knowing that there is “no name or address linked with [the] Edge Mastercard,” as stated on the website for the Edge credit card company.

Edge, a company that deals in digital currencies, has made an announcement on the debut of the Edge Mastercard, a crypto debit card that can be loaded with cryptocurrency but does not gather KYC data.

Edge made the announcement on the Mastercard on Twitter, telling the company’s followers: “Zero fees. Real-time financing – Everyone now has the ability to spend BTC, DOGE, DASH, LTC, and BCH instantaneously with the Edge Mastercard, and there is no need for them to provide any personal details.” Gabe Higgins, the CEO of Blockspace.io, praised Edge for developing a cryptocurrency Mastercard that prioritizes users’ privacy”.

Higgins tweeted, “Edge deserves praise for being true to their initial mission, which was to simplify the process of securing and using bitcoin without sacrificing users’ ability to maintain their anonymity.”

On the web site devoted to the card, Edge says that the cryptocurrency Mastercard is not only confidential, but that it also satisfies the requirements of the current financial regulations. As per the information provided on the Edge website, “there is no name or address connected with your Edge Mastercard,” which allows for “totally private activities” when the card is being used. The following may be found further on the homepage:

While doing so, we adhere with all standards for issuers, card organizations, rules, municipal, federal, and foreign laws. This ensures that your personal information is protected.
Although there are no annual or transaction fees associated with the Edge Mastercard, there is a one-time charge of $20 for the physical card. The card may be used wherever that accepts Mastercard, and the daily load cap is capped at a maximum of one thousand dollars. Paul Puey, co-founder of Edge, highlighted on Wednesday that the company’s management is thrilled to provide a crypto Mastercard that prioritizes users’ privacy.

According to what Puey said, the company is “proud to launch the Edge Mastercard,” which does not need any personal information to activate or even use. “You may shop anonymously at any store in the United States that accepts Mastercard.” Paul Puey, Damian Cutillo, Scott Morgan, Tim Horton, and William Swanson were the original founders of Edge, which was formerly known as Airbitz Inc. in 2014. Edge has just implemented the Bitpay Payment Mechanism, which is a protocol that assures correct bitcoin payments. This comes on the heels of Edge’s adoption of the new confidential Mastercard.

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