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HelloVacay Unveils Blockchain-Powered Travel Rewards at Consensus

At today’s Consensus conference in Austin, Texas, the wholesale travel startup HelloVacay made the announcement that it would soon launch a blockchain-based travel incentive network. HelloVacay will reward user involvement with a tokenized platform that offers travelers access to private hotels and resorts that are offered at reduced rates. This platform will be developed in cooperation with Priceline and other providers.

During the Consensus conference, HelloVacay will be doing interviews and giving away prizes in a VIP meeting room that is being sponsored by Transform Group. The spaces occupied by Polygon (MATIC/USD), PayPal, NEAR (NEAR/USD), Mastercard, and Copper are located next to their own. The event is being held on June 10 and 11, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time on both days.
Ryan Beachum, Co-Founder and CEO of HelloVacay, pointed out:

HelloVacay provides users with travel fares that are really reduced in addition to a Web3 customer experience. We use the advanced framework of tokens and NFTs to enable users to get paid when they seek, start sharing, play, and stay, which opens up a world of amazing new travel options for travelers. Traditional travel rewards platform have many drawbacks, but we use this to our advantage by allowing users to get paid when they do these activities.”

Members of HelloVacay get access to special wholesale prices that may save them up to 70 percent off the regular price at roughly 70,000 hotels and resorts all over the globe. HelloVacay members have the ability to join a reliable network that provides resort-style check-in at a fee that is actually inexpensive. This is in contrast to vacation hosting sites, where visitors are often uncertain about what they are receiving.

Tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be utilized to offer various degrees of rewards and discounts, in addition to utility and domestic partnerships within the partaking cities. This summer, further information on their rewards platform that is based on blockchain technology will be made public.

HelloVacay is a rewards network built on blockchain technology in addition to being a wholesale travel firm. HelloVacay will give all travelers with access to privately discounted hotels and resorts in conjunction with a Web3 user experience. This will be accomplished via a relationship with Priceline and other service providers. HelloVacay is in the process of developing a platform that will gamify travel incentives, provide wholesale pricing, and use the utility of tokens and non-fungible tokens.

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