GMO To Launch Mobile Games That Pays Rewards In Bitcoin June 2, 2018 June 27, 2018 Doug Holmes
Bitcoin NewsJune 2, 2018 by Doug Holmes

GMO To Launch Mobile Games That Pays Rewards In Bitcoin

GMO Internet Group, a Japanese internet solutions provider, has developed a mobile game that lets players earn Bitcoin for simply playing games. Initially, the app, called “CryptoChips”, will be integrated with a territorial battle game called “Whimsical War”, which was also developed by GMO.

Beginning August, Users will be able to download the app in their iOS or Android devices and start playing the game. The rewards in the form of Bitcoin will be given on the basis of a player’s ranking and completion of missions.

This will be a refreshing option to crypto enthusiasts who will be wary of mining or perform online jobs to earn Bitcoin. GMO has already started its mining operations in December 2017 and is planning to launch its cloud mining service in August.

GMO believes that the launch of a game offering Bitcoin as rewards will increase the rate of adoption of cryptocurrencies. Going forward, GMO has plans to support other cryptocurrencies within the app and also integrate them with other mobile games.

Notably, a week before GMO had announced the launch of the world’s first 7nm Bitcoin mining chip, with the first batch of shipment targeted for the end of October 2018.

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