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One Million Bitcoin Wallets Hold More than 1BTC

One million Bitcoin BTC wallet addresses now hold at least one full BTC. Glassnode data indicates that on May 13, the milestone of one million whole coins was achieved. During the past year, Bitcoin’s value decreased by over 65%. However, the number of wallet addresses holding at least one Bitcoin surged significantly. The most significant increases were observed during the market crash in June and on November 11, which was the day FTX collapsed and filed for bankruptcy.

Starting from early February 2022, around 190,000 whole coins were added while the value of Bitcoin decreased from its peak in November 2021. According to Glassnode co-founder @Negentropic, the best time to buy Bitcoin is when there is “blood in the streets,” as he shared with his 54,000 Twitter followers.

He made his comments following several notable banks collapses in the US and the Federal Reserve’s potential choice to cease raising interest rates. Glassnode is confident that Bitcoin will reach $35,000 by the middle of next year and has listed some reasons to support this belief.

Although “one million” is a significant milestone, it’s crucial to acknowledge that a single Bitcoin wallet address may not necessarily belong to just one person. Many investors in the crypto space possess several Bitcoin addresses, and there are also Bitcoin addresses belonging to prominent institutions like cryptocurrency exchanges and investment firms, which tend to hold large quantities of Bitcoin.

CoinGlass data reveals that centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase hold around 1.89 million BTC worth $50.7 billion, out of the total 19 million Bitcoin in circulation. Estimates from Glassnode suggest that 3 million BTC, which is worth $80.4 billion and represents 17% of the total circulating supply, are considered “lost forever.” The data used to create this figure is a blend of various sources, such as BTC sent to “burn addresses,” inactive wallets with lost keys, and sizable accounts that have been inactive for over ten years.

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