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CertiK Partners Alibaba Cloud to Offer Blockchain Security Services to Cloud-based Web3 Projects

A partnership has been announced between CertiK, a New York-based blockchain security firm, and Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group. The partnership aims to offer blockchain security services to cloud-based Web3 initiatives. Web3 developers can secure their applications and smart contracts while accelerating their development using Alibaba Cloud’s secure and scalable infrastructure in conjunction with CertiK’s Security Suite.

Cloud computing services have been instrumental in the advancement of communication technology in the last ten years, and cybersecurity has been a critical component of this evolution. The inclusion of CertiK in Alibaba Cloud’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform highlights the importance of verifying the security of new technologies before they can be widely adopted.

Blockchain is a technology that allows for efficient, secure, and decentralized distributed computing, which is considered revolutionary. Incorporating Web3 applications, smart contracts, and blockchains is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing.

Developers and enterprises can utilize CertiK’s services and tools on Alibaba Cloud to perform various tasks such as code evaluations, risk assessments, team identity verification, background checks, and other related activities. The integration of CertiK’s smart contract auditing service and Layer 1 blockchain auditing service is now fully operational on Alibaba Cloud. Comprehensive security solutions will soon be provided by implementing CertiK’s Skynet due diligence utility and penetration testing.

CertiK’s co-founder, Prof. Ronghui Gu, is excited to bring his extensive blockchain security expertise to Alibaba Cloud’s platform. For more than five years, we have had faith in the potential of blockchain technology. It is satisfying to witness Alibaba Cloud adopting a similar vision and a thorough security strategy. Our goal is to make blockchain development and deployment accessible to as many people as possible.

Alibaba Cloud is committed to delivering reliable and secure cloud computing services to its customers, while also driving the advancement of new technologies and applications. Raymond Xiao, who is the Head of International Web3 Solutions at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, stated that the partnership will enable them to offer more extensive technical support and security solutions to the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

Developers and enterprises can receive assistance from CertiK experts in performing secure cloud computing, maintaining high-availability cloud storage, and constructing secure infrastructure while automated tools operate in the background and around the clock in Alibaba Cloud environments.
Moreover, the upcoming Skynet platform for vulnerability scanning examines code and detects vulnerabilities instantly, giving developers suggestions for monitoring and fixing them in real-time.

CertiK and Alibaba Cloud will collaborate to conduct hackathons, developer education sessions, and application development programs to support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem, in addition to integrating the Security Suite.

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