Big Data Block (BDB)

Big Data Block

Big Date Block are going to make big data computational analysis accessible, affordable, and secure, for everyone.

Token Sale ended
30 Aug, 2018
USD 30,000,000

Big Data Block (BDB) Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
USD 30,000,000
1 BDB = 0.25 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Token Issue
After Sale
Team Members
Data Services
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Pros & Cons

Targeting a well-established and active industry

Unique concept with mass market appeal

Very low-cost tokens on offer

Worldwide appeal for their concept

Well written white paper

Tokens may soon get snapped up

Tokens may soon increase in value

May take time to get established

Concept is based on a target market

Early investors will benefit the most


Big Date Block are going to make big data computational analysis accessible, affordable, and secure, for everyone.


Weighing up the pros and cons of any initial coin offering you come across is something that you are going to have to do, and that can sadly take a lot of time and effort, but without doing so your investment funds will be put at risk.

Big Data Block are offering an initial coin offering that is an interesting one, and they have designed their project in such a way that it will be easy for any potential investors to check out what they are planning to do and how they are going to move their company forward.

They have put into place a good team who are experienced and should be able to take in their stride any hurdles that their project may have in the future, but it is also a concept that they have studied for quite some time now and have experience of and have a very good chance of being one that the can master and conquer.

Learn More about the Big Data Block ICO

There is a good chance that this ICO is one that does appeal to you and if so then along with watching the following video presentation please do study their website and make use of their whitepaper too.



  • Atif Farid Mohammad (AI/Data Science Advisor)
  • Peter Bergstrom (Advisor)
  • Phillip Nunn (Advisor)
  • Vladimir Nikitin (Advisor)
  • Nikolay Shkilev (Advisor)
  • Rajesh Johnny (Advisor)


I have to say that once you do study the roadmap and the white paper of the Big Data Block initial coin offering you may be tempted to make an investment for they really have thought out extremely well the direction they are going to be taking with their consent.

It is also worth individually checking out their team members of at the end of the day the concept is going to be made or broken by their team and having check several of them out myself they do have the experience required for this size of project.

The costings of the Big Data Block tokens are not what you could call be any stretch of the imagination expensive, and that does make this an initial coin offering that could appeal to you, and if everything does fall into place it could be one that will make you some high valued profits.

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