Cyte Coin

Cyte Coin

CyteCoin will be a state of the art crypto-currency that builds the underlining infrastructure layer of AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem.

Token Sale ended
6 Jun, 2018
$ 25,000,000

Cyte Coin Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$ 25,000,000
1 CTC = 0.068 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Hong Kong
Team Members
Blocked Countries
USA, China

Pros & Cons

Concept uses a proven and often profitable market sector

Does have long term potential growth opportunities

Potential for ongoing growth

Hassle free purchase of coins

Lots of interest from early investors

Untested market place

Concept needs some technical understand

Volatility may occur after ICO in token price

Long term rather than short term short appeal

Large number of tokens available


CyteCoin will be a state of the art crypto-currency that builds the underlining infrastructure layer of AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem.


I have been checking out a huge number of different initial coin offerings over the last few months, and one concept and business model that a lot of them do all seem to be based around is payment systems for advertisers to use.

That therefore means that you do have to be fully aware of the risks associated in investing in tokens and coins that are backing some form of advertising payment system for the market sector is awash with lots of such companies all eager to grab a market share.

However, due to the unique offerings that are being offered by CyteCoin is does to be fair, have a much greater appeal to investors than most other initial coin offerings in that market sector so it may be one to investigate further if that is a market sector that does excite you.

Learn More About the CyteCoin ICO

There is a good chance that the CyteCoin ICO is one that does appeal to you and if so then along with watching the following video presentation please do study their website and make use of their whitepaper too.



  • Peter Yu (Founder | CEO)
  • Kevin Chan (Co-Founder | COO)
  • Tree Yip (Blockchain Architect)


It will of course be your own level of risk that you look for regarding any initial coin offerings that you do take part in as to whether the CyteCoin ICO is going to be appealing to you or not, but it does have to be said it is a unique concept that backs it.

When you are interested in investing in any initial coin offering or token generation event you should set aside plenty of time to do your research on each one that has caught your mitigation, and the very first place to do that research in on the ICO website.

As such please do spend some time looking over the website of the CyteCoin initial coin offering for by doing so you are going to be able to read through the white paper that will enlighten you on the business idea backing this ICO in more detail and can also view the roadmap too.

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