Description: A full and independent review of the IZX ICO including details of the project, concept and the IZX ICO white paper and its roadmap.

Token Sale ended
31 Aug, 2018
USD 25,000,000

IZX (IZX) Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
USD 25,000,000
1 IZX = 0.01 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Token Issue
After Sale
Team Members
Virtual Reality
Blocked Countries
USA, China
ETH, BTC, Fiat

Pros & Cons

One of the more unique and appealing concepts

Huge interest and take up so far achieved by their tokens

Appeals to first time and experienced ICO investors

Very active team on social media

Another solid ERC-20 Ethereum token based ICO

Project does require lots of developers

No guarantee of token price increase

Probably suit the larger investors

Concept may need time to become popular

Targeted market place and sector


Description: A full and independent review of the IZX ICO including details of the project, concept and the IZX ICO white paper and its roadmap.


There have certainly been a lot of hype and interest in the IZX project, for whilst it is not overly complicated getting your head around what their project is based on, it is the simplicity of it that does allow investors to see their ongoing vision.

I have to say that when it comes to putting together a rock-solid team who know their industry and market place inside and out, that is something that IZX have successfully been able to do, and that is certain a major asset.

This is one of those ICO’s that will be of great interest to may potential investors and with some extremely low-cost tokens on offer currently then it may be a good idea of you to weigh up whether it is worth investing in IZX, and I am sure plenty of people will be doing.

Learn More about the IZX ICO

There is a good chance that this ICO is one that does appeal to you and if so then along with watching the following video presentation please do study their website and make use of their whitepaper too.



  • Alexander Gryaznov (Founder, Business Development Officer)
  • Alexey Zagainov (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)
  • Alexey Studnev (Founder, Chief Technology Officer)
  • Denis Ershov (Founder, Partner)
  • Konstantin Kurilov (Mobile developer)


I am always of the mind that projects that are easy to understand and initial coin offerings that have been designed in such a way that both small and large investors can take part in them are always going to be attractive and appealing across the board.

As there is such an energetic and experience team driving IZX forward, I think this initial coin offering does warrant much closer scrutiny, and I am more than confident many investors will be thinking of investing in it.

If you are then one good place to start doing your due diligence is their website, as it will be from there you can then checkout their roadmap and peruse through their white paper that will allow you to make up your own mind whether IZX is the initial coin offering for you.

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