Yuan Developers Coin (YDS)

Yuan Developers Coin

The Yuan Developers Coin is based on a global distributed digital currency that is based around the block chain technology.

Token Sale ended
2 Jul, 2018
USD 20,000,000

Yuan Developers Coin (YDS) Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
USD 20,000,000
1 ETH = 6,000 YDS
Sold on Pre-sale
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Token Issue
After Sale
Hong Kong
Team Members
Real Estate
Blocked Countries

Pros & Cons

Should have a large take up of their initial coin offering by investors

Well designed, planned and executed whitepaper and roadmap

Sensible and very well throughout bonus format and structure

Solid team backing the project

Long term growth potential and reliable income streams

May take time to get established

Tokens could rise or fall after ICO

Not a wide-reaching concept

Ongoing development may be required

More targeted at high value investors


The Yuan Developers Coin is based on a global distributed digital currency that is based around the block chain technology.


Over the last year or so there has been something on an increase in the number of ICO’s being launched that are offering in one form or another a service that is going to allow people to sell digital assets of one type of another.

That is exactly what Yuan Developers Coin will be offering once they have raised the required funding for their project through this ICO, and you will have to decide whether they are offering something unique as they do face a lot of stiff competition.

However, having said that there is certainly a need for their service, and as such I would expect it will do well, and they have at least tried to price their tokens at a reasonable levels, which does make a refreshing change.

Learn More About the Yuan Developers Coin ICO

There is a good chance that this ICO is one that does appeal to you and if so then along with watching the following video presentation please do study their website and make use of their whitepaper too.

https://youtu.be/SSo_EIwHSd4 Team


  • Chang Ying Chi (CEO and Co-founder)
  • Chiu Yu Sheng (COO and Co-founder)
  • Kentaro Takeo (Technical & Finance Specialist)
  • Arthur Davis (Blockchain Engineer / Director)
  • Jacques Yves (Blockchain Engineer)
  • Bosh Masri (Director)


If this is the type of investment you are looking to make then be aware that the do have a KYC requirement however they are not whitelisting clients, and as such whenever you do wish to make a purchase of their tokens you will be able to do so with relative each and peace of mind of course.

The time scale at which they are going to be going live with their ICO is running for quite some time and as such you do have a fair amount of time in which to stake your claim for their tokens.

The business concept does look a sound one and one that does have plenty of merit, and if it is actively taken up by those people who are interested in using a blockchain to sell their digital assets that there is a long-term appeal to their project too, which is what often makes or breaks any ICO.

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