Agama (also known as Komodo) Agama (also known as Komodo) Website

  • ValidationFull Node
  • AnonymityHigh
  • Ease of useAdvanceddifficulty
  • Supported Coins
  • BTC
  • LTC
  • UNO
  • ZET
  • SYS
  • MZC
  • GMC
  • FRK
  • DOGE
  • DGB
  • CARB
  • BTM
  • BTCD
  • ANC
  • ZEC
  • KMD

Pros & Cons

  • Agama supports a very high level of anonymity, through the process of disposable wallets.
  • Agama supports a large number of coins, at 16
  • You control your own private key, putting you in charge of your own funds.
  • Agama is shaping up to be a powerful network, offering many all-in-one options.
  • Agama is incredibly difficult to use, and is probably meant mostly for programmers to use.
  • Does not include Monero, Ethereum, or Ripple, two fairly popular coins, in its network of supported coins.
  • There is no built-in exchange yet, which means you must decide which exchanges are trustworthy enough to trade with.
  • It is a desktop application, so can be vulnerable to more types of attack than mobile wallets or cold wallets.

Wallet Info

The SuperNet development team (20 people)
Free to download
Private Keys Stored by
Great (Depending on the individual user's own ability to secure their private key)
What it is

A desktop application running a ‘hot’ cryptocurrency wallet (one that is connected to the Internet), that has multiple modes of operation, one of which downloads the whole blockchain on to your computer, and the other of which does not (known as ‘basilisk’mode).

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