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  • ValidationSPV
  • AnonymityHigh
  • Ease of useEasy (Beginners)
  • Supported Coins
  • BTC
  • LTC
  • ETH
  • DASH
  • EOS
  • QTUM
  • OMG
  • ANT
  • REP
  • SALT
  • FUN
  • GNO
  • CVC
  • DNT
  • BCH
  • DCR
  • BAT
  • ETC

Pros & Cons

  • Very simple to use, designed for beginners, intuitive user interface.
  • Exodus supports a large number of coins, at 19.
  • You control your own private key, putting you in charge of your own funds.
  • Transactions can be anonymised by ShapeShift, so users can trade privately.
  • Support staff have a reputation of answering queries quickly.
  • The service is known to be offline at times, requiring users to transfer their funds to another wallet if they want to buy or sell in a hurry when the server is offline.
  • You aren’t able to pick from different fee offerings when buying and selling Bitcoin, which has variable fee offerings depending on speed. Also, many of the cryptocurrency coins are sold relative to Bitcoin or Ethereum, both of which have very high fees.
  • Does not include Monero or Ripple, two fairly popular coins, in its network of supported coins.
  • The exchange fees are considered high by many users (they are not, however, locked into using Exodus’s exchange, and have other options).
  • The wallet is not fully open-source – parts of its code are copyrighted.


Buy and Sell from inside the wallet, Built-in Exchange, Built-in ShapeShift support, Hierarchical Deterministic Seed Key Backup

Wallet Info

Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson
Free to download. No fees are paid to Exodus. All transaction fees go to the network.
Private Keys Stored by
Good/Great (Depending on the individual user's own ability to secure their private key)
What it is

A desktop application running a ‘hot’ cryptocurrency wallet (one that is connected to the Internet), that is connected with a built-in cryptocurrency exchange.

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