Edge (aka Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet) Edge (aka Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet) Website

  • ValidationSPV
  • AnonymityMedium
  • Ease of useEasy (Beginners)
  • Supported Coins
  • BTC
  • BHC

Pros & Cons

  • Simple to use and understand for beginners.
  • You can use it when you’re on the go because it is a mobile app.
  • You can access your own private key, putting you in charge of your own funds.
  • It is not difficult to recover your funds if you lose access to them, and they are securely backed up to prevent theft.
  • The source code is fully open-source.
  • The service only buys and sells Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, so there isn’t a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from.
  • You are dependent on and affected by the transaction costs and time delays of the Bitcoin network.
  • The wallet lacks advanced features and services, such as paper wallet conversion and multisignature authorisation.
  • The wallet does not provide anonymous transactions.


Buy and Sell from inside the wallet, Built-in Exchange, Discount vouchers and gift cards available, Hierarchical Deterministic wallets with changing addresses for each transaction

Wallet Info

Paul Puey, Scott Morgan, Tim Horton, William Swanson, and Damian Cutillo
Free to download. All transaction fees go to the network.
Private Keys Stored by
The network, but password-protected by you, and you can access it yourself on command.
Great, close to the best security possible for a non-hardware wallet
What it is

A mobile application running a ‘hot’ cryptocurrency wallet (one that is connected to the Internet) that is connected with a built-in cryptocurrency exchange.

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