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Ethereum NewsJanuary 16, 2023 by Kelly Cromley

Ethereum Hovers Around $1600

The value of Ethereum has reached its highest point in 10 weeks. Furthermore, ETH issuance has returned to deflationary area as network demand increases. The value of Ethereum reached $1,600 on the morning of January 16. ETH’s price reached its highest level since November 8 this morning, surpassing $1,589 on the back of more weekend gains.

While preparing this report, the asset was exchanging hands at $1,574 after gaining 3% over the previous twenty-four hours. Additionally, ETH has risen over 30% in the previous two weeks. It has done somewhat better than Bitcoin, which has gained 27% during the same time and 2.1% in a span of 24hrs. A few months before the Shanghai revamp, Ethereum’s bullish impetus is building. This will allow the withdrawal of staked ETH that has been stored on the Beacon Chain for longer than two years.

Following a disastrous 2022, Ethereum’s on-chain dynamics have also improved this year. The Ultrasound Money monitoring indicates that ETH creation has once again entered the deflationary zone. The current growth rate of the supply is -0.09% per year, it was stated at the time. The current Ethereum burn rate is around 732 000 ETH each year. The yearly rate of the issue is around 622 000 ETH, suggesting that more are burnt than are generated.

As a whole, the crypto markets are still in a negative zone, thus the demand for Ethereum will certainly rise as more bulls emerge. As gas prices rise, the effect on the burn rate will intensify. The outcome is a stronger deflation rate and a reduced supply, which is very positive in the long run.

The value settlement of Ethereum is likewise much greater than that of Bitcoin. According to industry analysts, this month the settlement value for Ethereum is over 10 times that of the Bitcoin network. During the Monday am Asian trading period, cryptocurrency markets continue to be bullish. As per CoinGecko, they have risen 1.7% on the day to hit $1.03 trillion.

The last week’s surge has propelled markets to a 10-week high. In addition, any losses from the meltdown that precipitated after the FTX’s collapse at the start of November have been wiped out. Other cryptocurrencies that have performed nicely this morning are Ripple (XRP), Polygon (MATIC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Near Protocol (NEAR) (NEAR).


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