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Ethereum NewsDecember 27, 2019 by Kelly Cromley

Agharta Hard Fork to Make ETC, ETH Blockchain Fully Compatible

Ethereum ClassicAgharta, which refers to the forthcoming hard fork of Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, will encompass peculiarities of Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople fork and aims to make ETC totally in sync with Ethereum.

ETC Labs further reaffirmed its aim to guarantee total compatibility between ETH and ETC, with Agharta overhaul anticipated to establish backward compatibility between ETC and ETH blockchains.

ETC Labs CEO Terry Culver elaborated on the plan:

“Ethereum Classic Labs is one of the first incubators to support innovative projects on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. The compatibility between the ETC network and the ETH network will accelerate development of the Ethereum Classic community and ecosystem.”

ETC Labs highlighted the fact that both ETH and ETC blockchain have originated from the same root and that reinstating“technical compatibility will improve development processes and allow for differences while reducing disruption.” James Wo, ETC Labs founder, also gave his opinion on the forthcoming hard fork:

“This update is a signal that we want to be compatible with Ethereum. We believe in the success of public blockchains, because they are built on the strength of the community.”

Earlier this month, ETC Core technology coordinator Stevan Lohja stated that core programmers of ETC blockchain and other partakers had arrived at a consent on the block number for activating mainnet, in addition to a testnet assessment time frame for greater trust.

In this regard, Lohja said “Core developers agreed to activate Agharta on mainnet at block 9_573_000 which is expected around Jan. 15, 2020.”

Furthermore, in December, Lohja stated that ETC Labs Core had been renamed as ETC Core. Lohja stated that the rebranding process will enable the company to segregate itself from ETC Labs, which leads incubators supporting innovative venture on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

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