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Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global Join Forces for Web3 Ecosystem Expansion

Hong Kong-based gaming company Animoca Brands and Thailand-based intellectual property company T&B Media Global (T&B) have recently announced a strategic partnership to enhance their capabilities in the Web3 space. This collaboration, set to unfold in multiple phases, aims to leverage the strengths of both entities in cross-promotion, NFT exploration, and the pursuit of interoperability within their respective ecosystems.


Strengthening Ecosystems Through Cross-Promotion


The initial phase of this partnership involves a cross-promotion strategy between Animoca Brands’ flagship NFT project, Mocaverse, and T&B’s ecosystem and NFT collection, Mittaria. The collaboration will harness the marketing channels and communities of both entities to expand their reach and raise awareness. By intertwining these ecosystems, the partnership seeks to explore new levels of interoperability, enhancing the user experience across multiple platforms.


Exploring Opportunities on Ethereum’s LightLink Network


In addition to cross-promotion, Animoca Brands and T&B will explore opportunities on LightLink, a high-performance, secure, and scalable network built on Ethereum. This exploration aims to strengthen the capabilities of both entities and contribute to the global adoption of digital property rights. The partnership is driven by the shared goal of identifying additional areas of cooperation within their extensive networks and ecosystems.


Leadership Perspectives on the Collaboration


Yat Siu, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, expressed excitement about intertwining the ecosystems of Mittaria and Mocaverse. He emphasized the potential of the open metaverse to redefine digital property rights and gaming experiences, considering this partnership as a significant step towards that future.


Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global, highlighted the expansion of their relationship with Animoca Brands, building on their existing partnership with The Sandbox. The collaboration aims to establish a network of interoperable Web3 capabilities, offering users seamless and immersive experiences across various platforms.


About T&B Media Global and Mittaria


T&B Media Global is an intellectual property (IP) company dedicated to the development of entertainment technologies and storytelling. With a focus on family-friendly content and groundbreaking technologies, T&B Media Global aims to vibrate happiness globally. Mittaria, an innovative Web3 ecosystem within T&B Media Global, pioneers a revolution in the NFT, metaverse, and gaming industries. It positions itself as the home of animation, empowering creators and delivering a unique, immersive experience through its ecosystem strategy and utility offerings.


About Animoca Brands and Its Web3 Initiatives


Animoca Brands is a Web3 firm utilizing blockchain to provide digital property rights globally, contributing to the establishment of the open metaverse. The company boasts a diverse portfolio, including original games like The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES™, and Life Beyond, along with products featuring popular intellectual properties such as The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, and MotoGP™. As one of the most active investors in Web3, Animoca Brands holds a substantial portfolio of over 400 Web3 investments, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and growth in the blockchain space.


Conclusion: A Strategic Partnership for Web3 Advancements


The collaboration between Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global signifies a strategic alliance aimed at advancing the Web3 landscape. Through cross-promotion, exploration of interoperability, and engagement on Ethereum’s LightLink network, the partnership seeks to pioneer new possibilities in NFTs, metaverse, and gaming. As both entities leverage their strengths and networks, the collaboration is poised to contribute to the evolution of the digital entertainment and blockchain industries.

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