Animoca Brands Emerges as Top Validator for TON Blockchain, Boosting Web3 Gaming Integration Nov 28, 2023 Nov 28, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Animoca Brands Emerges as Top Validator for TON Blockchain, Boosting Web3 Gaming Integration

In a significant development for the advancement of digital property rights in gaming and the open metaverse, Animoca Brands, a prominent Hong Kong-based company, has emerged as the primary validator for The Open Network (TON) Blockchain. The collaboration aims to propel third-party gaming and GameFi projects within the TON ecosystem, showcasing Animoca Brands’ strategic commitment to the development of TON’s ecosystem.

Strategic Collaboration and Research Initiatives

Facilitated by Manuel Stotz from Kingsway Capital, the collaboration signifies Animoca Brands’ dedication to extensive research before investing in TON’s ecosystem. Two research papers were meticulously developed, exploring the potential of TON Blockchain in accelerating mainstream crypto adoption. Key focus areas included the user-friendliness of TON-based decentralized applications (dApps) and the scalability of TON Blockchain, crucial elements for community growth and the TON Foundation’s vision of making crypto accessible to a broader audience.


Seamless Transition from Web2 to Web3

The ongoing collaboration between TON and Animoca Brands is strategically geared towards seamlessly onboarding existing Web2 users into innovative Web3 mini-apps with significant use case value. This commitment underscores the shared importance both entities place on facilitating a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3. Notably, TON Play, a TON-based gaming infrastructure project, is earmarked for support by Animoca Brands.

TON Play: Empowering Gaming Projects on Telegram

TON Play serves as a gaming infrastructure project designed to receive support from Animoca Brands. It provides essential infrastructure and solutions for gaming projects built on TON to launch directly on Telegram. The process is streamlined, allowing developers to port existing web games directly inside Telegram via a web app. The TON Play Toolkit ensures intuitive development for blockchain-based games, catering to developers of all skill levels.

Strategic Investment in TON: A Pivotal Step in Web3 Gaming

Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at TON Foundation, expressed the significance of Animoca Brands’ investment in TON, considering it a pivotal step towards the next era of blockchain-based gaming. The collaboration aims to seamlessly infuse Web3 into the daily experiences of Telegram users, particularly in gaming, for a global audience to enjoy.

Broad Commitment to Web3 Onboarding

Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, highlighted the strategic investment in TON as a crucial component of the company’s broader commitment to onboarding the next million Web3 users. Siu emphasized their faith in the successful realization of TON’s vision, bringing Web3 into the mainstream. The collaboration with TON has already demonstrated significant growth potential in games, and Animoca Brands looks forward to working with other innovative teams developing TON-based games.

About Animoca Brands and TON Foundation

Animoca Brands, operating in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, is dedicated to advancing digital property rights and contributing to the establishment of the open metaverse. The company boasts a broad portfolio of products, including original games and those utilizing popular intellectual properties.

TON Foundation, focusing on The Open Network (TON), envisions empowering 800 million users to own their digital identity, data, and assets by 2028. The strategic collaboration between Animoca Brands and TON Foundation signifies a landmark alliance in shaping the future of Web3 gaming and blockchain innovation.

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