EOS Network and EOS Labs Forge Strategic Partnership with CoinTR to Ignite Turkish Web3 Innovation Nov 28, 2023 Nov 28, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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EOS Network and EOS Labs Forge Strategic Partnership with CoinTR to Ignite Turkish Web3 Innovation

EOS Network Foundation and EOS Labs, the entities steering the EOS blockchain, announced a strategic partnership with Turkey’s prominent crypto exchange, CoinTR, during the CoinTR 2nd Anniversary Party in Istanbul on November 28th. The collaboration marks a pivotal step in establishing a Web3 Lab together, aligning with Turkey’s ascending role in the global digital asset arena.


Turkey’s Ascendance in the Digital Asset Landscape


Turkey’s swift rise in the digital asset landscape is attributed to progressive regulatory policies, increased participation in the cryptocurrency market, and resilience amid global economic challenges. With a trading volume of $170 billion recorded last year, Turkey secured the fourth position globally, underscoring its significant role in the cryptocurrency industry. In recognizing CoinTR as a crucial partner, EOS aims to leverage this dynamic environment to unlock new growth opportunities.


CoinTR’s Position in the Global Digital Assets Market


Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Istanbul, CoinTR has established a robust presence in the international digital assets market. Committed to providing compliant and secure trading services globally, the collaboration taps into CoinTR’s growing market influence and combines it with EOS Network’s advanced blockchain technology. The objective is to revolutionize the Turkish Web3 landscape and contribute to the global adoption of blockchain technology.


EOS Network’s Commitment to Blockchain Innovation Worldwide


As part of this initiative, the EOS Network pledges to enhance its support for blockchain innovation globally by launching a Turkish Web3 Incubator. This incubator aims to nurture innovative blockchain projects within the Turkish market, further solidifying EOS Network’s dedication to fostering global blockchain adoption.


Collaborative Initiatives and Platform Offerings


In practical terms, CoinTR users will now have the opportunity to participate in initial exchange offerings (IEOs) and incubated project launchpools using EOS tokens, USDT, and the Turkish lira as platform currencies. To incentivize EOS holders to lock their tokens on the exchange, CoinTR plans to introduce an EOS staking pool. Additionally, selected EOS projects will benefit from marketing support, token listings, and other ecosystem activities.


Advancing the EOS Ecosystem in Turkey


By actively supporting the EOS mainnet and EOS EVM, CoinTR will play a crucial role in expanding the EOS ecosystem and enhancing the financial experience for users in Turkey and the broader EOS community. The partnership is not only geared towards supporting the existing ecosystem but also serving as an incubator for innovative projects that leverage blockchain and cryptocurrency to drive industry innovation.


The collaborative efforts between EOS Network, EOS Labs, and CoinTR signify a strategic alignment with Turkey’s burgeoning influence in the digital asset space. The partnership is poised to contribute to the growth of the EOS ecosystem and propel the adoption of blockchain technology on a global scale.

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