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Aragon Empowers DAOs with New Tools on Coinbase’s Base Network


Aragon, a pioneer in open-source frameworks for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), has officially launched its eponymous application and the OSx protocol on Coinbase’s recently unveiled blockchain platform, Base. This strategic move aims to simplify the process of establishing and managing DAOs, enabling broader user adoption without the need for extensive developer expertise.

Streamlining DAO Development

Anthony Leutenegger, the Growth Executive at Aragon, revealed the release of two essential developer tools: the Aragon OSx protocol and the Aragon App on Coinbase’s Base network. These tools are anticipated to have a significant impact, expanding the user base of the Aragon chain.

A Powerful Ecosystem for DAOs

Leutenegger emphasized that the deployment of these developer tools will enable the launch of DAOs within one of the most expansive crypto ecosystems to date. Coinbase’s Base, built on the Ethereum Layer-2 network, emerged on August 9th and has already garnered considerable attention, attracting millions of users seeking to bridge their tokens to this novel environment. While initially incubated by Coinbase, Base is expected to evolve towards greater decentralization.

Empowering Users with Simplified DAO Operation

Leutenegger explained that these tools empower users to establish their DAOs, manage fund flows within the network, and drive decentralization. The concepts, often associated with decentralized finance (DeFi), enable members to actively participate in voting on funding decisions and project directions.

Overcoming Barriers through Innovative Designs

Leutenegger noted that contemporary DAO operation often necessitates users to assume developer roles for effective management. Aragon’s tools, introduced on Coinbase, employ innovative designs to mitigate these barriers, including minimizing the amount of code required to oversee a DAO.

A Breakthrough in On-Chain Onboarding

By lowering these entry barriers, DAO operators can function autonomously without extensive developer knowledge. Leutenegger views this unveiling as a major stride towards realizing seamless on-chain onboarding for users.

Addressing Key Challenges

Leutenegger acknowledged that Aragon’s tools address a fundamental challenge in decentralized network creation: aligning incentives across all stakeholders. Aragon, however, has encountered obstacles on its path to decentralization, including a 51% attack on the ANT governance token. The attack occurred during a pivotal phase when Aragon was transferring greater governance power over a $200 million treasury to token holders.

Reaffirming Commitment and Clarifying Reports

Dispelling reports that indicated Aragon’s contemplation of a sale to an undisclosed bidder, Leutenegger clarified that Aragon remains focused on product development. While acknowledging that the Aragon Association spearheading the project is based in Switzerland, Leutenegger refrained from delving into the specifics of the aforementioned reports.

Driving Application Development and Collaboration

Leutenegger highlighted that in the past two months alone, Aragon has facilitated the launch of over 1500 ADOs (Aragon DAOs). He reiterated the organization’s dedication to continuous application development, particularly to facilitate seamless interactions between DAOs and other applications.

Aragon’s Leadership in Shaping DAO Development

As Aragon leverages its technical expertise, it sets the pace for other applications seeking to navigate the complex landscape of DAO development. The tools and applications provided by Aragon will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of DAOs, supported by Coinbase’s innovative Base network.


Aragon’s strategic deployment of developer tools on Coinbase’s Base network marks a significant step in advancing the development and management of decentralized autonomous organizations. By simplifying the process, Aragon is positioning itself as a driving force in shaping the future of DAOs, ushering in an era of increased accessibility, collaboration, and efficiency within the crypto ecosystem.

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