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Market NewsDecember 14, 2023 by Kelly Cromley

Bitget Wallet Accelerates Web3 Trading with Linea Integration

In a strategic move towards advancing the Ethereum Layer 2 network, Bitget Wallet, formerly known as BitKeep, has recently announced a collaboration with Linea. This partnership is designed to foster the growth and development of the Linea ecosystem, contributing to the overall improvement of Ethereum’s usability.


Empowering Users with Linea Mainnet Integration


Bitget Wallet has seamlessly integrated with the Linea mainnet, providing users with enhanced wallet connectivity and robust support for Linea’s mainnet and associated projects. Through this integration, Bitget Wallet users can conveniently access the Linea mainnet via the mobile app and browser extension. This accessibility enables users to efficiently manage assets within the Linea ecosystem, participate in multi-chain swaps for Linea mainnet tokens, access real-time candlestick data, and engage with various projects integrated into the Linea ecosystem.


Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology and the “DeFi Voyage” Event


Linea, developed by ConsenSys, leverages zero-knowledge proof technology to deliver efficient scaling solutions for Ethereum. As part of the collaboration, Bitget Wallet has initiated the “DeFi Voyage” event on its Task2Get platform. This event marks the second phase of the Task2Get initiative, allowing users to explore and interact with the Linea ecosystem within the wallet. Task2Get, an incentive platform introduced by Bitget Wallet, rewards users for participating in on-chain interaction tasks, providing an avenue for both learning and earning within diverse ecosystems.


Bitget Wallet’s Commitment to Web3 Ecosystem Participation


Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, expressed the company’s active commitment to participating in the Web3 ecosystem. Kan emphasized that this collaboration allows users to explore and engage with decentralized ecosystems while earning rewards simultaneously.


Task2Get’s Role in Market Growth


The collaboration with Linea is expected to solidify Task2Get’s role in fostering market growth. Bitget Wallet’s transformation and rebranding, following its acquisition and a $30 million capital infusion from Bitget in March, have positioned it as a significant player in the Web3 trading landscape.


Seamless Integration of Bitget Swap and Other Features


Bitget introduced Bitget Swap, an intelligent DEX aggregation service across 100 DEXs, providing optimal prices and best-in-class liquidity. This feature seamlessly integrates with other platform elements like token management, NFT Market, DApp Browser, and Launchpad, eliminating the need for external platforms. The transformation of Bitget Wallet signifies a milestone in embracing the future of Web3 trading, offering faster transactions, unparalleled DEX aggregation, and seamless cross-chain convenience.


Bitget’s Presence in the Middle East


As the Middle East, particularly the UAE and Bahrain, emerges as a focal point for crypto ambitions, Bitget has strategically established a presence in downtown Dubai. This move aligns with the region’s notable 400% increase in crypto-oriented businesses over the past two years. Recognizing the potential of the MENA region, Bitget and other exchanges have obtained licenses to actively participate in the rapidly growing digital asset market, where the crypto uptake represents 9.2% of global transactions, marking it as the fastest-growing digital currency sector.

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