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Bitget Wallet Fortifies Web3 Security with WalletConnect Integration

Bitget Wallet, a prominent Web3 trading wallet previously recognized as BitKeep Wallet, has revealed the successful integration of WalletConnect’s Verify API. This newly incorporated feature equips users with improved capabilities to identify suspicious or malicious domains when connecting to a Decentralized Application (DApp). The primary objective is to fortify the security infrastructure of Web3, ensuring users can securely navigate the ecosystem and mitigate potential phishing attacks.

Advancements on the Horizon: Notify API Integration in the Pipeline

Bitget Wallet is actively strategizing to implement WalletConnect’s Notify API, a forthcoming enhancement that will empower users to subscribe to and receive notifications directly from DApps to their wallet addresses. This proactive step aligns with the broader strategy of leveraging technology to enhance user experiences. DApps, facilitated by the recently launched Web3Inbox SDK, will engage in seamless message passing with WalletConnect, offering users a streamlined and efficient interaction experience. WalletConnect anticipates a substantial expansion of its Web3Inbox DApp partnership portfolio in the near future, further enriching user engagement.

WalletConnect Protocol: A Vital Web3 Communication Bridge

Complementing WalletConnect’s suite of Software Development Kits (SDKs), the WalletConnect protocol stands as a pivotal Web3 communication protocol, bridging the gap between DApps and Web3 wallets. Bitget Wallet accomplished WalletConnect integration over a year ago, ensuring compatibility with both versions 1.0 and 2.0. This integration empowers users to securely and conveniently access Ethereum and various Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain applications. By either scanning a QR code in the browser or clicking a deep link, users seamlessly connect to their Bitget Wallet, facilitating a smooth and secure interaction with DApps.

Strategic Insights from Bitget Wallet’s COO

Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, shared insights on the partnership, emphasizing WalletConnect’s role as an unbiased protocol fostering consensus among diverse stakeholders in the ecosystem. Kan highlighted the protocol’s commitment to providing equal and open communication opportunities for all wallets and DApps. The collaborative objective is to elevate the accessibility and inclusiveness of the Web3 ecosystem for crypto users, ultimately realizing a limitless Web3 experience.

In conclusion, Bitget Wallet’s integration of WalletConnect’s Verify API and its forthcoming implementation of the Notify API underscore the commitment to bolstering security measures and enhancing user engagement within the Web3 landscape. The collaborative efforts aim to create a secure and inclusive environment, reflecting the evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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