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Blockchain-Focused Vaionex Invests in Ayre Ventures

The Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company Vaionex Corporation, which has become an essential component of the BitcoinSV (BSV) ecosystem, has just closed a significant investment round with Ayre Ventures totaling $1.23 million USD. This marks the largest funding round that Vaionex Corporation has completed to this point. Vaionex is a collection of blockchain firms, according to Robin Kohze, CEO and co-founder.

These companies are focused on core infrastructure (Relysia), on-chain database storage and administration (Metashard), smart contracts (Transpiler), tokenization (STAS), and non-fungible tokens (NFTech). Vaionex’s goal is to cut the amount of time needed to produce BSV by as much as 95 percent while also removing the friction that inhibits businesses from adopting blockchain technology on their own.

Vaionex was established by Kohze, a doctoral student in the genetics department at the University of Cambridge. In 2019, Kohze was also a co-founder of the Cambridge Metanet Society. Satolearn is a platform that teaches people how to develop blockchain-based apps. It was first launched as a result of meetings and discussions hosted by the Metanet Society, and it is currently included into the FinTech MSc program offered by the University of Exeter. To this day, Satolearn has successfully educated over 1,500 graduates and has developed into a significant learning resource for businesses that are part of the BSV ecosystem.

Kohze opined on the investment: “The requirement for verified data sources and the management of such sources arose as a consequence of fundamental social trends toward digitally-driven decision-making. Soon, immutable blockchain components will completely revolutionize the capabilities and dependability of data-driven systems in almost every industry across the globe. Even if being at the forefront of the blockchain transition is not an easy accomplishment to do, we concentrated on the fundamental requirements of our ever-expanding number of corporate partners throughout that process. Ayre Ventures will be joining Vaionex at a crucial juncture, which will allow us to dramatically expand our operations and work toward the goal of developing blockchain services that are seamless.”

Relysia, a BaaS development suite with over 60 Application Programming Interface (API) points that cover practically every blockchain application serves as the central nervous system of Vaionex’s business operations. Relysia incorporates all parts of wallet construction, including the issuance of tokens, smart contracts, uploads, and addresses. This reduces the amount of time required for application development while simultaneously increasing its dependability. Transpiler is a ‘wormhole to efficiency’ that enables developers to easily convert Ethereum-based smart contracts, NFTs, and tokens into BSV scripts. This allows developers to take advantage of the 99.99 percent reduced transaction fees that are available on the BSV blockchain. Vaionex unveiled several new initiatives at the recent BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, including Transpiler. This initiative was developed in collaboration with California-based sCrypt Inc.

Ayre Ventures’ founder Calvin Ayre assessed his group’s investment in Vaionex: “Vaionex has established itself as a key player in the growth of BSV, and I’m delighted to be a part of it. Vaionex has designed a funnel that attracts both developers and non-developers to the BSV ecosystem, alleviating significant obstacles faced by startups and established organizations alike as they want to use blockchain technology.”

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