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Blockchain Infrastructure Provider Klever Launches its Mainnet

Klever, a company that specializes in providing blockchain architecture, has finished the basic design of its own layer 1 blockchain features and has launched its mainnet. This event commemorates the end of stage 1 of Klever’s path towards becoming a premier platform that simplifies crypto and ensures anyone can become a portion of the digital era.

KleverChain, the indigenous blockchain for Klever, became the center of attention in the technological paradigm as it successfully completed numerous stages of in-house trial and then was released on the Tron platform.

The switch from Tron marks the beginning of a new chapter in Klever’s development as an autonomous blockchain network with respect to safety, efficiency, scalability, and accessibility. The KleverChain environment functions as a blockchain platform that is both trustworthy and permissionless, with the goal of contributing to the growth and expansion of the burgeoning decentralized ecosystem. This indicates that any person or corporation may be chosen as validators based on the amount of KLV that has been staked by them on the chain.

The mainnet provides instant usefulness in the shape of a proof-of-stake (PoS) public blockchain that is both extremely scalable and incorporates pre-loaded with applications that are available for use right now. KleverChain is designed to increase the scaling feature of public chains whilst simultaneously giving better results and reduced energy usage. Its primary focus is on applications that are performance-guided.

To be more precise, KleverChain provides a novel solution that is capable of managing up to 3,000 transactions per second (tps) in an open network that does not need authorization. The scalability and adaptability of KleverChain will allow for a rise in the transaction limitations at some point in the future.

KleverChain was developed in contrast to standard smart contract blockchains in that it was intended to be anonymous, trust – free, and safe cross borders by employing decentralized economics to do away with the need for intermediaries. The blockchain-native applications and capabilities, such as smart contracts, have been inbuilt and are ready to be deployed thanks to the architecture of the platform, which incorporates coding for smart contracts.

Dio Ianakiara, Co-Founder and CEO of Klever, made the following statement in response to the recent news: “Klever takes an unconventional methodology and instead constructs the Klever Blockchain using smart contracts that are programmed directly into the blockchain fabric. It is based on what Satoshi Nakamoto accomplished with Bitcoin; you just have to write the code only once, and the Klever contract (or Kapp), will be available for usage by everyone for all time. It is my opinion that developers do not need to be familiar with the inner workings of a blockchain in for using it; rather, all they need to do is execute a function that is well described.

Misha Lederman, Director of Communications of Klever, said “The introduction of KleverChain on the Mainnet is undeniably the next stage in the development of the Klever Ecosystem. But what’s more crucial is that Klever Blockchain’s utilization of smart contracts that are coded within the blockchain (Kapps) and made accessible for developers around the world as simple and crucial crypto functionalities to delve into at the touch of a button is actually taking blockchain construction in the the whole cryptocurrency domain to the next stage.”

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