British YouTuber Loses $5.11mln in Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading January 28, 2022 January 28, 2022 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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British YouTuber Loses $5.11mln in Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading

KSI, a popular YouTuber, is famed for dabbling with Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the past one year do not appear to have been kind towards British content maker, as seen by a latest video on his youtube channel.

The Youtuber, Boxer, and Rapper celebrity recently disclosed the exorbitant quantum of money he was stripped off in the past year due to wrong cryptocurrency bets. He engaged in a high-risk trading strategy called leveraged trading, which entails borrowing funds from a broker.

Additionally, the YouTuber used his cryptocurrency trading account’s Twitter feed to highlight the outrageous sum of funds he ended up losing over the previous twelve months. He provided an image of his Binance trading account, which revealed a loss of $5,112,464 over the previous year. KSI discussed how he lost millions of dollars in his YouTube video.

“Word of advice and anyone watching: Don’t ever trade with leverage. You cannot win. I’ve lost roughly $5.1 million in a year of cryptocurrency trading,” the YouTuber confessed. “Yes, my cryptocurrency journey has been mostly negative. A number of defeats, a few victories, and then more defeats,” he continued.

Fortunately for him, the YouTuber makes a healthy living from his trade with the Sidemen, his boxing and rapping careers, and his newly introduced Prime Hydration drink with erstwhile adversary Logan Paul.

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