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Market NewsAugust 31, 2021 by Kelly Cromley

Business Consulting Firm Zventus Unveils Mortgage Blockchain Lab

On Monday, global business solution developer Zventus launched the “Mortgage Blockchain Lab,” a unique blockchain project. The lab is intended to pool the expertise of various mortgage specialists, technological companies, and academic organizations with respect to blockchain research and advancement in the mortgage industry.

The California-based company, whose tools and services include business consulting, human resource planning, and tech assistance, will collaborate with its associates in this blockchain sandbox to create and trial fresh goods and services.

Initial reports from the company indicate that once the facilities are introduced, the charges on loans for financial institutions will be lowered by more than 50%.

Angel Alban, president of Zventus, trusts in the enormous capability of blockchain to assist the sector’s growth: “There’s no question about blockchain’s capacity to violate the mortgage business.”

The possibilities of a safe, open ledger that does not need a central middleman are gaining momentum in Europe and Asia, and are garnering considerable pull in the Americas. “We are ecstatic to spearhead the technology revolution that will permanently change mortgage handling.”

Zventus has grown to 180 countries and provides solutions in 220 languages since its start five years back. The lab, which employs Ethereum (ETH) and Hyperledger, as well as the expertise of its technological and intellectual allies, has stated its goal of creating 1,000 new blockchain technology based employment through 2024.

“We are enthusiastic about the prospects of blockchain in the mortgage business, and we excited to work with our customers and colleagues to rethink this essential aspect of financial offerings,” Alban said.

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