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Chiliz and InfStones Forge Alliance to Redefine Sports Fan Engagement

In a momentous development for the blockchain and sports communities, Chiliz has announced a strategic partnership with InfStones, marking a transformative step in sports fan engagement. The collaboration designates InfStones as a crucial validator for the Chiliz Chain, promising to enhance the fan experience in unprecedented ways.

Chiliz, recognized for its pioneering efforts in amalgamating blockchain technology with the sports industry, has consistently been at the forefront of revolutionizing fan engagement since its inception in 2018. The flagship platform,, has redefined how fans interact with their favorite teams, introducing Fan Tokens for prestigious clubs such as Barcelona and Manchester City. The Chiliz Chain, a cornerstone of this ecosystem, reflects Chiliz’s unwavering commitment to leveraging blockchain for a more interactive and rewarding fan experience.

The collaboration with InfStones extends beyond mere transaction validation, embodying a shared vision to connect fans and sports teams through blockchain technology. InfStones brings its expertise to ensure the seamless operation of fan tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications within the Chiliz ecosystem, ensuring a secure and frictionless experience for users.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, underscores the significance of this partnership, emphasizing its role in fortifying the blockchain foundation of Chiliz and establishing new benchmarks in sports and entertainment innovation.

Dr. Zhenwu Shi, CEO of InfStones, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the partnership’s contribution to unlocking the potential of blockchain in enhancing real-world sports experiences.

“Transformative Impact on Sports and Entertainment Innovation”

The partnership between Chiliz and InfStones extends beyond traditional transaction validation dynamics. It represents a joint commitment to harnessing blockchain technology to bridge the gap between sports enthusiasts and their favorite teams. InfStones, renowned for its proficiency in ensuring the smooth operation of fan tokens, NFTs, and decentralized applications, brings a wealth of experience to the collaboration.

Chiliz’s CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, underlines the far-reaching implications of this alliance, emphasizing its role in solidifying Chiliz’s blockchain infrastructure and pioneering advancements in the intersection of sports and entertainment. The partnership is poised to redefine fan engagement paradigms, setting new standards for innovation in the industry.

InfStones’ CEO, Dr. Zhenwu Shi, shares in this vision, highlighting the transformative potential of the collaboration in unlocking blockchain’s capabilities to enhance real-world sports experiences. The joint efforts of Chiliz and InfStones are anticipated to have a lasting impact, creating a new era of interactive and immersive engagement for sports fans globally.

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