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SubQuery Revolutionizes Telos Blockchain Development with Lightning-Fast Data Indexing

In a groundbreaking development, SubQuery has officially declared its comprehensive support for the Telos blockchain, introducing accelerated data indexing capabilities. This integration holds the potential to reshape Telos blockchain development, offering developers robust tools for on-chain data processing, expediting development cycles, and facilitating the onboarding of a broader user base to the blockchain ecosystem.

Telos, renowned for its tEVM (Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine), emerges as a prominent player in the blockchain arena. Noteworthy for being one of the fastest EVMs available, Telos boasts exceptional capabilities, including the ability to process over 15,200 transactions per second, achieve 0.5-second block production, and maintain a flawless five-year service history. As a result, Telos stands as an ideal platform for the creation of innovative blockchain applications.

SubQuery’s introduction of an adaptive, swift, transparent, and distributed data indexing solution brings added value to Telos blockchain developers. This connection empowers developers to efficiently manage and retrieve on-chain data for various protocols and applications.

Developers utilizing Telos blockchain can leverage SubQuery’s specialized API, streamlining backend operations and allowing them to concentrate on product development and user experience without the need to build specialized indexing systems.

The Telos Foundation Dev Team commends SubQuery for providing developers with easy access to on-chain data, envisioning improved developer experiences, increased innovation, and heightened promotion of Telos within the blockchain ecosystem.

SubQuery goes beyond its support for Telos by offering an open-source SDK, tools, documentation, and developer support. Telos also gains access to enterprise-level managed services capable of executing hundreds of millions of daily searches, aligning with SubQuery’s commitment to providing developers with a comprehensive indexing experience.

Looking ahead, the forthcoming SubQuery Network aims to decentralize the indexing system, delivering substantial benefits to Telos developers. Sam Zou, the founder and CEO of SubQuery, expresses a vision of combining Telos’s robust infrastructure with exceptional indexing capabilities.

SubQuery’s user-friendly architecture enables the creation of customized APIs for decentralized applications (dApps) or smart contracts in a matter of minutes. The platform’s versatility empowers developers to execute external API calls and import external libraries in mapping functions, providing greater autonomy for infrastructure projects and automated denial-of-service defenses.

With a focus on speed, SubQuery employs multi-threading and efficient storage to minimize costly database writes, thereby accelerating SubQuery synchronization. This enhanced speed equips developers to iterate more swiftly and deliver products with increased efficiency. The collaboration between SubQuery and Telos holds the promise of advancing blockchain development, fostering accessibility, efficiency, and innovation for developers on a global scale.

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