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China’s Suzhou Province Rolls Out Blockchain Powered Notary Program

Domestic news agencies in China have reported that a blockchain powered trial program will offer a broad range of notary facilities in Suzhou province.

As per China Quality News, Suzhou authorities have announced that this program intends to provide millions of citizens with access to legal and government offices through the internet.

The trial platform, developed by the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice, will encompass property rights, personal freedom, health, life, among others. Necessary info can be accessed through the cloud.

Audio and video documents will be distributed among notary public participating for legal compliance, thereby paving way for real-time tracking capability.

The network has been named as “Suzhou Notary Chain.” It will permit the administrative law enforcement division to utilize the platform for webbased notarization and will conduct the total procedure via distributed documents on the cloud platform when an issue arises.

In contrast to the traditional method of saving audio and video files within a law implementing database, the blockchain powered notary facility platform will handle recording to distribution in totality.

This will ensure “easy data storage, high security, non-tampering, and traceability, which will improve the transparency of the administrative law enforcement.”

China is taking necessary initiatives to implement blockchain technology in various sectors of economy. Of late a trial program has been unveiled by China’s Hainan province, intending to bolster trans-border payments through blockchain technology.

Earlier this June, Chinese officials revealed a master strategy for turning Hainan into a free trade island that promotes institutions to utilize blockchain in providing government services.

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