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Chong Kun Dang Pharma to Use Metaverse for Contamination Free Medicine Production

Chong Kun Dang Holdings, a South Korean pharmaceutical firm, is currently building a simulation factory based on the Metaverse. This move is part of a groundbreaking effort to adopt an innovative approach to drug manufacturing. The aim of this digital innovation is to enhance the quality of their products and ensure the production of contamination-free medicines.

According to a report by Aju Business Daily, Chong Kun Dang is set to utilize its Metaverse-based facility plant as a measure to avert the contamination of its pharmaceutical products. The Cheonan manufacturing facility can be remotely controlled by developers through its digital version, enabling them to manage different areas and spaces.

To access the Metaverse-based factory, users need to possess devices that support virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Replicated virtual spaces facilitate social, cultural, and economic interactions and communication among individuals.

Furthermore, after users have generated their personalized characters, known as avatars, they can start exploring different products. At the Chong Kung Dang Metaverse facility, individuals have the opportunity to engage with other professionals and colleagues.

According to Park Jee Yeon, the spokesperson for the pharmaceutical company, the organization was the pioneer in the domestic market to establish a metaverse factory with the aid of a government-sponsored initiative, as reported by Aju Business Daily.

A Chong Kun Dang spokesperson made an additional statement, saying, “We are honored to be the first domestic pharmaceutical company chosen for the metaverse factory establishment project, and we aim to set an example of successful digital transformation.”

The virtual factory is scheduled to be launched by the company in the latter half of 2024. Through a control system that links the digital and physical domains, pharmaceutical manufacturers will have the capability to oversee and assess the real-time production process. According to the reports, the fundamental idea behind Chong Kun Dang’s Metaverse factory is to create a unified virtual platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and other automation systems for development.

The company’s approach to entering the Metaverse involves leveraging the platform to provide employees with opportunities to observe manufacturing processes, facilities, and quality management. The ultimate objective of this strategy is to enhance product quality. Through the simulation, it will be possible for them to correct any imperfections before the actual production process.

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