Polygon Labs and Ready Games Join Hands to Offer One-Stop Shop for Web3 Game Development June 17, 2023 June 17, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Polygon Labs and Ready Games Join Hands to Offer One-Stop Shop for Web3 Game Development

`The dApp Store Kit is a project that was originally created by Polygon Labs and subsequently transferred to the community. It incorporates the development technology stack of Ready Games, which allows developers to design and release Web3 games. The user experience for Web3 applications that incorporate blockchain wallets and NFTs on mobile devices is currently cumbersome. Users would need to repeatedly switch on and off external wallet applications to carry out basic in-game actions. Previously, the process of integrating Web2 games with Web3 posed a challenging task that often resulted in compromising the game’s effectiveness.

Ready Games has integrated a game development toolkit that is specific to Web3 with the dApp Store Kit. This initiative is community-driven and facilitates the launch of fully functional dApp Stores for anyone. The toolkit for developing mobile games offered by Ready Games offers a comprehensive solution for incorporating all the necessary Web3 on-chain support elements. The aforementioned features encompass integrated wallets, on-chain user profiles, on-chain interaction, and a comprehensive dApp Store frontend framework that facilitates the efficient launch of Web3 games.

The primary focus of Ready Games is on the vast market of Free-to-Play games and their associated communities. Ready Games is set to launch its own dApp Store, which will be based on the dApp Store Kit, alongside the release of its development toolkit. The primary studios featured in the Ready Games dApp Store include CIMU Games, IDC Games, Minijuegos, Aeria Games Canada, and ToroFun. These studios collectively offer a vast selection of over 2500 games and boast a substantial Monthly Active User (MAU) base of 80 million.

It is expected that prominent publishers who are native to Web2 will transfer their established titles to Web3 by utilizing Ready Games’ technology stack and the dApp Store Kit, which will be implemented on Polygon protocols as their favored blockchain scalability solution. Decentralized application stores represent a key avenue for the broad-based acceptance of Web3 gaming. The centralized application stores have transformed into monopolistic gatekeepers, which often indulge in censorship and acquire a significant portion of any in-game transaction. The purpose of the dApp Store Kit is to disrupt monopolies and aid Web2 games in attaining greater levels of engagement and monetization through Web3.

The beta release of Ready Games’ Web3 Mobile Game Development Kit and dAppStore Alpha is expected to take place in mid-June. According to Polygon Labs’ Director of Growth, Ravikant Agrawal, dApp stores offer a novel way to improve user engagement and experience, and gaming is a crucial element of the Web3 ecosystem. Through the utilization of decentralized application stores, gamers can partake in a smooth and safeguarded experience, all while making a valuable contribution to the expansion of the Web3 community.

The integration of Ready Games’ SDK into the dApp Store Kit represents a significant milestone in expanding the accessibility of Web3 gaming to a vast number of mobile gamers. Our emphasis on the player is not only closing the gap between Web2 and Web3 but also shaping the gaming landscape by promoting creativity, involvement, and gratifying interactions. The Chief Operating Officer of Ready Games is Christina Macedo.

Through the integration of Ready’s advanced Web3 gaming technology and the reliable dApp Store Kit, we are well-positioned to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry. According to the Ready Games CEO David S. Bennahum, this integration is expected to usher in a new era of immersive and decentralized gaming experiences, which in turn will facilitate the widespread adoption of Web3 technology.

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