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Cirus Unveils Web3 Wallet-as-a-Service Solution

Cirus Foundation, a Web3-based initiative, has embarked on the development of a cutting-edge wallet service known as Wallet as a Service (WaaS). As part of this initiative, the objective is to equip existing businesses and platforms with Web3 wallets in order to enable customers to engage in secure currency exchange. This innovative initiative marks a significant milestone as it specifically focuses on engaging businesses with the objective of enhancing wallet utilization within the Cirus ecosystem. The application provides users with the ability to exercise authorized control over their assets, a functionality that is acknowledged and endorsed by the company.

The Cirus Foundation, the entity behind the development of the Cirus Ecosystem, has devised a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at expediting the integration of Web 3.0 and the Ownership Economy. These tools empower users by granting them full authority over their assets and the data they generate.

One illustration of a platform that possesses the capacity to offer Web3 capabilities is the concept of “wallet-as-a-service.” This platform can be seamlessly incorporated into an already existing application or can be utilized in conjunction with another platform for enhanced functionality. The Cirus Web3 Wallet, which was recently launched, showcases its capability to seamlessly integrate with preexisting platforms and web applications by combining user data and digital currency. This integration serves as a solid foundation for enhanced user experience and convenience.

The incorporation of WaaS within the framework of Cirus Foundation’s overarching strategy is aimed at fostering an all-encompassing and accessible economy that encourages the widespread adoption of Web3 technology. The team is currently engaged in the continuous development of a Web3-as-a-Service (WaaS) program, which aims to empower end users by providing them with the capability to effortlessly generate personalized Web3 wallets.

In light of the recent unveiling of the Cirus wallet, the project has swiftly intensified its endeavors in this domain, with the team successfully securing their inaugural enterprise client for the WaaS program. In this primary use case, users will be empowered to engage in asset trading through established centralized exchanges with enhanced safety measures. This will effectively mitigate the risks associated with asset manipulation or theft by the platform.

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