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Creta Showcases Web3 Products Including Metaverse and Blockchain Gaming Community Service

Creta, a Web3 infotainment company that develops and publishes video titles and a package of options for Web3 gaming, uncovers the gameplay of the forthcoming blockchain game Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise and demonstrates the advances made in creating its environment of Web3 product offerings, which includes a one-stop gaming console, the metaverse, and a blockchain gaming community outreach called Super Club.

The decision was made during Creta Summit 2022 in Tokyo, Japan, in the presence of video game and blockchain enthusiasts from Japan and beyond, marking a big step forward in delivering Web3 innovations to the video game industry.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise gameplay video started the Summit’s machine buzzing, revealing the appearance and feel of the game with a brief glimpse into the NFT avatar platform, one of the many uses of the game’s non-fungible tokens. The Chief Creative Officer of Creta, Ray Nakazato, elaborated on the manner in which blockchain would be used in KUF: “Certain characters and things obtained during gaming will be converted into NFTs that may be sold and purchased. To safeguard the game market and preserve a delicate balancing act, however, standard item categories will be immune from such deals. The game will be played in phases, and at the conclusion of every season, players will have the choice of transferring their NFTs to the next period.

The news of further blockchain-based games that Creta has been actively developing is icing on the cake. Only the titles of the future games, Tokyo War Hana and Sakura, Fortress, and Warhands, are referred to as their themes or technical specifications.

During the occasion, breakthroughs in the creation of the gaming system, the metaverse, and Super Club, a blockchain-based community service, were also announced. Creta’s KUF as well as other gaming behemoths will be introduced and played through the custom game console, comparable to the manner in which games are currently played on famous Web2 portals. The metaverse tier will provide enhanced social and economic capabilities for consumers desiring more entertainment and prolonged NFTs use. Super Club will encourage the community-developing behavior of gamers seeking familiarity with the advantages of blockchain gaming and a place to unwind and discuss game adventures.

Creta elaborated on the previously stated notion of land as an obtainable NFT by revealing the apps that parcel holders may use after the metaverse flip button becomes green. The private firms of the metaverse will include places responsible for the installation of packages where ornamentation, player-versus-player combat, and common entertainment activities such as hunting, commuting, and fishing are all available.

Creta is constructing the Web3 gaming console, which will include the metaverse, blockchain gaming titles, and a bundle of Web3 gaming applications, in order to generate and distribute interesting posts with viable business models. Creta has operations in South Korea, Japan, Dubai, and Armenia, and is guided by a global footprint of blockchain groups and collaborators.


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